Cat got to the vets!


It was time to take my cat to the vets for her second inoculation. But she knows when I’m planning things, she’s very bright. What to do? I got some nice cat food but didn’t give her any until just before we were due to go out. She followed me into the kitchen and I shut the door. Next I shooed her into the bathroom and shut that door. I had prepared her carrying bag so I quickly scooped her up. Put her in the bag and flapped the lid over… But I couldn’t hold the bag shut and zip it. So I called hubby… He didn’t hear me! The doors were shut! I had to carry the bag with the flap closed by holding it shut and carry it into the living room where my hubby closed the bag.

Result! My cat got her shot!

4 thoughts on “Cat got to the vets!

  1. When I have to take Leia to the vet I have to allow at least 30 minutes to catch her! I think I will take a leaf out of your book and do some planning and preparation next time! Like your kitty cat my Leia is really intelligent too.


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