Clinking milk bottles

Last night at 1am

Clink clank went the bottles

Clatter, clunk, tinkle…

What is that?

Who is that?

Someone drunk?

Someone ill?

Why do that?

I’m opening the door…

Looking out?

Looking around,

Looking down….

Hedgehog! Rootling

Empty bottles

Tipped over!

Cheeky blighter!

4 thoughts on “Clinking milk bottles

  1. They’re busy at the minute!! Fleet discovered his first hedgehog the other night then found two more shortly after. Stupid sod tried to bite one and got a sore nose for his troubles.

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      1. Yeah they are it’s surprising! I’ve used a pair of oven mitts before now just so I can roll one over and carefully lift him up without getting prickled but it takes some doing.

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