Please provide…. ‘ xxxxxx’ said the email. Various documents for our insurance claim. So, you then realise you have too many documents. Piles and piles, because you don’t want to have identity theft and the shredder got too hot last time you used it….

So, going through pile four of eight lots you find one thing. You ask hubby if he knows where things are and he hands you something. So that’s two out of ten things you need…

I looked through it all. Found nothing else.. Rang up the shop we bought the thing from… Yes they can let us have a copy of something..

Then I looked at the table I’d got things on. There underneath everything was a crucial document. I hadn’t seen it before because I had put it upside down to write notes on the back! Phew!

Then I asked hubby because I can’t find another document. ‘that’s online ‘ he said. I found the email… What’s the password? ‘I don’t know’ came the reply.

Having a rest. Will ring Monday. Peeved.

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