A cold?

Phew! Negative test. Just got a sore throat and runny nose. Plus hot and achey. Probably a head cold. I will do another test tomorrow just to be on the safe side. If I have caught it then me and my hubby will have to stay in till its gone. In that case I might have to order food in on line? I can’t expect to get someone to go shopping for me. It is, I guess, a first world problem.

Sore throat

Sore throat, aches, tired. But at least I tested negative for Covid. I don’t know how I’ve got this ‘cold’. I go everywhere outside in a mask. But I suppose I could have picked it up off a surface when I’ve been shopping. At one stage I was washing all the shopping that came into the house. I guess I’ve dropped my guard a bit..?

One thing, I won’t be going out to anything while I have this cold. Just because it isn’t Covid doesn’t mean I should go out and share it. I’m just going to take cold medicine and keep my fluids up. I didn’t wake up till 3pm, not good. The sun has now set and I feel dull and sleepy.