Sore throat time

Blugh! I feel tired and ill. Still negative for covid but getting fed up with my sore, croaky throat. It’s so annoying and it feels like it’s going on my chest. My body aches. It’s been so long since I’ve had a proper cold or flu, you forget how lethargic it makes you feel. I’m sitting with the cat poddling (kneading) my knee. Ouch, too tired to push him off. But it’s a comfort… And my nose keeps dripping like a tap. Hubby is cooking poached egg on toast. Hooray!

A cold?

Phew! Negative test. Just got a sore throat and runny nose. Plus hot and achey. Probably a head cold. I will do another test tomorrow just to be on the safe side. If I have caught it then me and my hubby will have to stay in till its gone. In that case I might have to order food in on line? I can’t expect to get someone to go shopping for me. It is, I guess, a first world problem.