Is it a parrot a pigeon or a budgie? Just something I drew with the free Artrage oils app. I used metallic and non metallic colours and played with different brushes.

I like the way you can play with textures, the metallic dots look a bit like scales, or shiny feathers. This is a finger painting so it’s difficult to control the shapes and edges. Also because the ‘paints’ have a ‘liquid’ effect, it means they sort of smudge into one another. It’s definitely different to real painting.

Abstract polly?

I was trying to think what this pattern reminded me of? I think it is similar to a parrot. The curve at the top right could be a bill. The oval feature on the left could be where the eye goes? Pareidolia, the phenomenon of seeing faces and animals where they are not actually represented. I might try and play with it….

This was originally created in my old phone photo app….


Dry skin, wrinkles, aging, it is the culminative effect of life. Very few animals and plants can live longer than 100 years. But trees, for instance Yews, can live thousands of years, some spread out and as the centre dies the outer skin continues to grow. In the case of things like jellyfish, some of them can revert back to a younger version of themselves (not sure of the science). Then there are more complex creatures such as Tortoises which can live over 100 years, another aged animal can be Parrots, they can outlive their owners!

Age is catching up with me. My arms and hands continue to wrinkle, I feel like I’m old in some areas of my body, and still have some youth in other parts.

All new urban sketchers challenge


Today’s challenge was media coverage. I didn’t have a paper and we haven’t seen the news so I decided to draw my phone with the news on it. But I couldn’t hold the phone and the sketch book so I balanced it on my arm. Then I drew the chair in the background. As I had the page of my sketchbook in my image I decided to duplicate the view again and then again. The parrot was on my tee shirt. You don’t realise how much you are moving around when you draw something like this, so my hand was in a differentvosition the second time I drew it, (and the third). I know it’s sketchy but I enjoyed the freedom and looseness of it