She was rehomed…

A couple of months ago we found a budgie loose in the street. We didn’t know where it had come from but we took it to an emergency vets called Vets Now.

When we took our cat there last week I remembered to ask about the budgie. Despite being mentioned on social media no one came forward to claim her. (I think it’s a she). So it has now been rehomed in an aviary. I just thought I would post the details here incase anyone sees this.

Budgie found

I was sitting watching TV when I saw a man’s head looking over our side gate so I tried to open the front door and ask him what he was doing. The door was locked so I called my hubby. He went out and followed the man up our hill. When he caught up with him the man explained he was a motorcyclist and had recently had his bike stolen.

My hubby decided he probably wasn’t a thief and the man was contrite. Then…..

They both spotted a budgie fluttering on the pavement. I was standing at the bottom of the street and saw him take his tee shirt off?

He walked down the hill and explained he’d found a beautiful budgie. He had it gently held in the tee shirt.

Next we tried taking it to the pdsa vets nearby but they were closed so I found their number and rang it. After a brief conversation with their emergency vets in Meir Heath they agreed to take it.

We then had to get the budgie into a suitable container. Luckily I’d got a brown paper bag, but while I was trying to shoo one of our cats away the budgie got free!

We had to get the cat away and I threw a tea towel over the budgie. Popped it in the bag, safe and apparently healthy. Then off to Lyme tree vets at Meir Heath. Tel: 01782 417882.

If its yours I hope you will soon be reunited.