Dry skin, wrinkles, aging, it is the culminative effect of life. Very few animals and plants can live longer than 100 years. But trees, for instance Yews, can live thousands of years, some spread out and as the centre dies the outer skin continues to grow. In the case of things like jellyfish, some of them can revert back to a younger version of themselves (not sure of the science). Then there are more complex creatures such as Tortoises which can live over 100 years, another aged animal can be Parrots, they can outlive their owners!

Age is catching up with me. My arms and hands continue to wrinkle, I feel like I’m old in some areas of my body, and still have some youth in other parts.

4 thoughts on “Age

  1. Aging is weird. I was 80 when I was 54 because of my right hip then it got fixed and I was 55 and then things went along and now I’m my own age, 68, which is weird. I just hope I don’t have more moments of accelerated aging. They are awful.


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