For todays prompt for #bandofsketchers ‘agricultural’ I have drawn a mediaeval style of peasant sowing seed. I don’t think I could attempt a combine harvester or a tractor at the moment.

I have got to delete some of my images again I’m afraid. I hit 100% of my storage at WordPress so if you find any posts without pictures you will know why!

Scarecrow prompt

#bandofsketchers prompt for Sunday. My hubby posed as a Scarecrow for me while we were at Trentham Gardens yesterday.  I pretended his hands were straw. Its hard to do a drawing of a Scarecrow if you don’t see them very often, but I think this gives the general idea of how they look. I think they are meant to scare away rooks and crows that might eat a crop in field. The idea is that the birds think there is a human in the field, especially if the clothes it wears are old and ragged and flap in the breeze. If you want to read or see stories about scarecrows look up Worzel Gummage who was a character in a TV series in the 1970’s.


I used to love apples, crisp and crunchy or sweet and soft in a pie with cream. I wonder why I’ve stopped buying them? Stopped seeing them? I see lots of soft fruit, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, bananas galore, oranges, peaches, even limes, but I don’t see many apples? Perhaps there has been a shortage of them? Maybe there were not many harvested in autumn.

Funny how you only miss things in a sudden feeling that there is something gone from life. I wonder if politics, brexit, not allowing as many foreign workers into our country, has had an effect on it. It feels like the old sayings ‘shooting yourself in the foot’ or ‘cutting off your nose to spite your face’? No doubt things will sort themselves out? I hope!