There seem to be  a lot of sea shanties at the moment, there is one, I cant remember the name, about whaling, that is on TicTok or Whatsapp or something. We have learnt a few over the last couple of nights with the choirs I’m in. Just a bit of a chorus. Haul away or something like that. I love singing and we have the lovely Kate from the Boat Band to teach us. Head over to Youtube and you can find their Cajun songs and music there…

Way hay me harties! singing is one of the best ways to relax and enjoy yourself . So many different genre’s .

sleep tight, let the sea be placid, and rock you gently over the deep….

Singing on Zoom

Just finished a zoom singing session with some friends from a choir. The choir leader Sings and we are all muted, so all you can here is her and her partner and yourself. If you unmute the timing of the music is all put. So that people’s voices come in at different times. It’s funny but not productive.

One thing we have been doing is sharing pictures of model boats and even a painting of a boat because we are being led by a group called the Boat Band, talented musicians. Look them up on YouTube?

Apologies if I should not have used the words. I will take this post down if I have to.

Big sing

I went to something called the big sing, organised by a group called appetite this afternoon.

Four choirs including Clay Chorus, Loud Mouth Women, Staffordshire Community choir and Village voices for lung health gathered together alongside members of the public to learn two songs together and also sing from their own repertoire. There were about 110 people singing in the Regent theatre who had allowed us to use the venue for the event.

After two hours learning the songs together we sang our own songs. Then we came together to sing two final songs. There were about 70 people massed together to sing them. We made a big noise in Piccadilly, Hanley. The atmosphere was great. I was so happy to be part of it. I even managed a quick sketch  of the Staffordshire community choir while we waited to go on.