Mark who was part of this evenings Clay Chorus group. He played two brilliant songs. I used a bit of monoprint to add shadows to the side of his face. I only used a bit as he was moving and playing his guitar as I was trying to sketch him.

I wish I had his skill and had carried on learning an instrument, it’s great to be able to play things, but my trumpet is staying firmly locked away!

Old life drawing


Last year I used to go to to life drawing class on Wednesday evenings. But the winter weather put me off and now I’ve lost the habit because I have been so busy lately. I would love to go back, but it depends on the rest of my life. I enjoy drawing and was going out with urban sketchers too. I need a big wall planner I think!

Anyway I hope you like this drawing of a musician playing his guitar.


Illustrating cards

My friend asked me to illustrate a few cards for her because she wanted to give them to some friends who have helped her out.

I took photos of various objects in her house, then used washes of acrylic paint and black marker pen to  finish them off. I also used a photo of a train in a book as she had specifically asked for a locomotive.

The results are quite sketchy and free, I hope she likes them…