Play your beautiful tune.

Notes bright and fast,

now slow and low,

up and down and round.

Vibrating strings,

music arching about.

Liquid notes,

that hold the mind

In thrall of sorrow or beauty.

Such wonderful feelings

stirred by movement,

bow drawn over strings.

Takes mind in hand

a merry dance

all through the land,

We jump and prance,

gives joy to all around!




Craft fair

Well, it rained. As you can see from the photos. Even so it was good to do the craft fair at spode today. I met some lovely people who were very helpful despite the fact I was having a bad morning. I’d arrived after very little sleep and getting up later than I intended.

It was lovely to hear classical music being played by a violinist, he was really good. Sadly I didn’t get his name.

I didn’t do that well. I don’t know if I was too close to the door, or if my art was not trendy enough. I sold a few things and some people took cards with my details on. I am shattered but happy. I may not have made a fortune, but made some good friends.