A trip to the vets

Booster shot time for the cats….

One was fine, the other one not so much. She hid in a cupboard, ran under a cupboard, ran behind the armchair, ran in the kitchen then out again. Finally I managed to grab her at the top of the stairs because we had shut the bedroom doors. Then, well walking downstairs when you are a bit wobbly on your feet and cannot hold the handrail because you need to hold onto the cat… To say I had a feeling of vertigo, scary. Hubby came halfway up the stairs so I could deposit her into the cat carrier.

Then off to the vets, female cat was miaowing all the way (The male was much quieter on his trip) . I kept gently telling her she was OK. The vet was lovely, he was very good with both cats and gave the inoculations while my cats were still in the carrier. A quick check of each cats hearts and we whisked them home again.

Now two hours later I’m being headbutted and purred at by the female. A sprinkling of catnip seems to have helped.

Can you be semi agoraphobic?

Anxious, the world worries me. People are going out again because our government has raised all restrictions. But the office of national statistics has found that Covid cases are going up again in Britain with 1 in 20 people who would have tested positive last week (if people were still taking tests). That figure has increased from the previous week and the Omicron strain had mutated to a more transmissible version. Elderly people who had their booster shots first are catching it. Hospitalisation has gone up. Our flipping government is blasé, ridiculous, uncaring. But so what? We’ve got to learn to live with it.. For live read die. Is it any wonder I want to keep away from people?