Reds and greens…

Hmmm, so I got a strong red from the shop and decided to overoaint the poppy. Then I attacked what I think is a dahlia… In that one I really think I need to look at a real one. The third picture is my attempt at a dragons eye.. Don’t know why? The fourth just is, but I’m not sure what yet. Each need taming. Green might be OK. We will see….

Cat doorstop


For some reason our cast iron cat doorstop has ended up on the kitchen window ledge instead of on the floor. He peers out from behind the Christmas cactii. My kitchen is full of things that I don’t really need, like plants and ornaments. I need to get rid of some of them… Anyway I took the photo of him a few nights ago while I was downstairs getting a cool drink. The pink candle is one my hubby wants to float on the pond, although I don’t think it will do the goldfish any good..

Tennis final


Djokovic v Federer, Wimbledon men’s final, can’t watch, so I’m typing this instead, they are in a tie break at twelve games all in the fifth set. The score is two sets all, twelve games all and 4-1 to Djokovic in the last game. Its nail-biting stuff. My hubby keeps talking bout various things in the past so I can’t concentrate……. My heart is racing… Now its 4-3 to Djokovic…. I need to sit in a darkened room….

Mystery Play day


I couldn’t take photos myself of the mystery play as I was busy setting up, then performing and finally taking down the show. These photos are courtesy of my friends Lorraine and Dean.

We started at 9am and finished around 6pm. You have to take props down to the green from the village hall. The volunteers then built three scaffolding towers to hang my backdrops off and to attach the wheel that had been made. Also to rest props on. Then the stools and tables had to come over. The chairs for the audience and choir and seating for fifty children from the drama school. In addition there were 18 stalls for crafts and food, gazebos for the various volunteers and changing room. A pa system,  other things I can’t remember, and the roads had to be closed with barriers. After the play there were other performances including the titchy theatre. By the time we had taken everything down afterwards it was 6pm and everyone was exhausted, hence going out for a Thai  meal rather than cooking. I’m shattered.


Last making session

I’ve finished painting for the penkhull mystery play, here is the willow pattern backdrop together with a school sign (set in the 1840’s). Im not the only maker, this is my friend Mark. There are others but my phone is playing up so I can’t find the pictures . Mark did the, ‘do not touch display’ sign. ( the play starts in a museum in 2019). So  having a rest for an hour.


Argh! Dress rehearsal


Tonight is the dress rehearsal for “one night only” which we are performing on Friday. It’s come round too quickly. I’m very nervous. It’s a long session, with climbing up and down on wooden blocks, standing in formation and ‘trying’ to sing in four part harmony.

The church needs a lot of work it was built on the church yard in the 1840’s. It was designed by Pugin and the floor tiles are by Minton. The collection will go towards the restoration. It won’t go far towards the cost but it’s worth doing.

I say argh because I am really tired. I was helping cut back our hedge earlier and my arms ache.

I also have a costume change. My top is drying outside on the washing line, I’m hoping it will be dry in time.