Farming remembered

My hubby was brought up on farms and remembers the byres and barns of Yorkshire and Lancashire. His childhood was spent between going to school and working on farms in the summer holidays. When he was old enough he would even drive tractors. His father was a farm labourer and went from farm to farm following the seasonal work. Sometimes hubby fed cattle, other times he helped plough or harvest crops. They even raised day old chick’s in the attic of their house.

It sounds like a hard life, but an interesting one. He did this drawing of a tractor a few years ago. There are ducks, lambs and yes that’s meant to be a cow. X

Love, today’s challenge, day 22.


He loves his tractors, I love him, I’m not sure I love his hair.

I just realised how long my hubby’s hair is getting. If I cut it will he be like Sampson and lose his strength? Should I put it in a pony tail? He does have the look of a mad professor!

Anyway I did this one early, I’m usually a lot later doing a sketch for our Stoke Urban Sketchers challenge, but the prompt was love. My hubby was a good model, and including the tractor calendar just worked. If you look the little drawing above the bowl on the wall is meant to be me sketching. My friend did a caracature of me and its on the wall there. X