Winter watch is on

Winterwatch is an offshoot of Springwatch which is a programme that started on BBC TV several years ago. The presenters have changed over time, but it gives us a view of the British Isles through the seasons.

Winterwatch is lovely, seeing badgers, falcons, water rats, deer, stoats and seabirds amongst other animals gives you an idea of how they live and survive and in some cases thrive during the winter.

The programme explores wildlife and behaviour over a couple of weeks, sampling their lives and how humans affect them. The series is a wonderful reminder of nature. Some of it is filmed live during the evening programmes and also has videos of other animal activity happening at this time of year.

If you want to know more about the natural history of the British Isles during winter you can watch it in the UK on BBC 2, or the BBC I player, or the Facebook page which is called BBC Springwatch. Or

Pliny the Elder

s Plinius Secundis was a Roman author. He is known to us as Pliny the Elder. He wrote several books on Natural History and I was going to use one of them as source material for my essay on dragons. He described them as serpents which were large and strong enough to squeeze the life out of elephants by sucking their blood.

As you can see from the image of a Chinese dragon the similarity between the two is quite limited apart from the fact they both have huge long thin bodies.

I read this much information but now the book has gone missing. I think my hubby has ‘borrowed’ it. It has bought my essay writing to a temporary halt. I need a rest anyway so thank you Pliny.