Porridge from the microwave.


My little volcano of porridge this morning. I’m going out and I may not be back all day. So much to do. Probably a lot of walking. To those in the know  today’s the day. To those not in the know I might tell you tomorrow when I know. Obfuscation? No I just don’t want to tempt fate. To blow the gaffe (whatever that means)  so silence possibly today? Then perhaps normal service will be resumed tomorrow… Maybe. ..



My cat likes sitting in the bathroom to have a wash. I don’t quite know why. It’s probably quieter than the rest of the house and he’s not pestered by his sister except when she runs in and pounces on him! Yesterday she was sitting on the bath and he walked in she batted his head as if to say get lost. Sometimes they sit at either end of the side of the bath like bookends. I walk in and they are sitting there calmly just chilling. I think it’s most attractive when the afternoon sun slants in and warms the room.

You’ve got a spider in your ear….

_20190421_190008you’ve got a spider in your ear,

with a heart on its back.

It’s smiling gently

As it builds its web.

It stops thoughts leaking out

when you lie on your side.

Stops ear wax escaping

And keeps bed bugs out.

It plays on your eardrum

Tapping timpani

When you are asleep!

So don’t be afraid if you see a spider in my ear.

It’s just looking after it

and keeping it clean.


I was going to bed…


To sleep and dream,

to rest and relax,

to gently close my eyes.


there’s noise outside

shouting about nothing,

calling loud words

letting the world know

How loud they can be.

The cars are roaring

up the hill,

fast paced and noisy,

chasing each other

One great rush of sound.

And the TV downstairs is too loud

The cats are wailing outside

The clock is ticking now.

It’s 8am

The alarm goes off.

Night gone I’m still awake.

Sleep eluded.