Freedom to think

What does freedom mean to you?

Above all, freedom means being allowed to think, to care about people, to learn and find out things.

It must be important to have freedom of thought and speech. I don’t mean hate speech, or sharing violent or abusive beliefs though. Too many times people have been bullied and harassed by others who think they have all the answers. But it’s hard to work out what is the right thing to say… One person’s truth is another person’s lie?

Fake news does not help. Fact checking is important, if it’s done properly, I use websites like Snopes to check dodgy facts. I think the freedom to receive a good education is very important for both boys and girls. There should be knowledge shared around everywhere. If it means that all the world can act together and reduce pollution and save energy. Something must happen to improve everyone’s freedoms. I’m probably naive but we must try.

20 thoughts on “Freedom to think

      1. Oh sorry, I thought the translator could handle it.

        As a Pole, I agree wholeheartedly. Freedom of speech and thought is the basis of existence in this world

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