Ukraine suffers

Ukraines South-eastern area is now being bombarded by Russian heavy artillery. This includes thermobaric weapons that when they explode create a vacuum to suck all the oxygen out of the air and then burn it in an intense fire. If the Ukrainians are not burnt or blown up they can be asphixiated by them. They are also using something called Thermite. This is a chemical mixture that is sometimes used to weld steel. It burns at high temperatures and destroys what it hits. The images look like massive rains of fireworks but they are deadly. If you pour water on it the stuff burns even more.

Russia, the Russian army, I mean. Is continuing its cruelty to the civilians of Ukraine. The country of Russia is not under threat. They are not being bombed back to the stone age. Russian troops are now facing war crime trials. One soldier has already been found guilty of killing a 62 year old man by shooting him in the back of the head. He has been sentenced to life imprisonment. But it is their leader President Putin who is leading this evil. He should be bought to justice. We will not forget we cannot forgive!

πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί Did you know?

Dear Russia. Do you know that your country has flattened and demolished several towns and cities in Ukraine?

That ten MILLION PEOPLE mostly women and children have fled Ukraine in fear of their lives? ABOUT A QUARTER OF UKRAINES POPULATION!

That children and babies have been maimed and killed?

That an art school where 400 people were sheltering was destroyed yesterday?

That Russia is boasting it is using hyper sonic weapons and other vile technology to bombard its way to victory.

Why? Would you be happy if your women and children were fleeing? Your grandmother’s and grandfather’s being attacked. Put yourself in Ukraines shoes.

Putin must stop.

Make Art

Maybe Putin needs Art therapy. To try and calm his mind. He needs to concentrate on stopping the war, stopping killing and maiming people. Stop destroying people’s homes, their cities, their hospitals, their schools. Apartment buildings, theatres, vicious bombing and shelling. Ukraine needs peace. Children and babies are dying. Civilians are dying. Evil times.

Poppy with blue and yellow shoe

Today Russia bombed towns and cities in Ukraine again. Even Russian speaking cities that were supposed to be safe. The Russians even bombed a shoe factory. My drawing is a poppy for remembering the dead and a shoe in Ukrainian colours. A single shoe, lost by its owner. What stupidity. How long will this violence, which is denied by the Russians, be allowed to go on. Give Peace a chance. Stop the war.

Hello πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί Russia


Maybe this could be shared?

Hello Russia, I know a very few people read my blogs over there and I want to say something about what is happening in Ukraine.

People, Children, women and men are dying there. Cities are being attacked. Innocent civilians are being shelled. We have seen video of apartments and schools and hospitals being bombed and attacked. Children suffering cancer no longer get the treatment they need. Why are you doing this? Don’t you care?

This is not a special operation. This is WAR.

These are war crimes. This is murder. There are ordinary people being killed. Your soldiers are not fighting a just war, please try and ask yourselves whether your cities are being bombed?

Putin says the leader of Ukraine is a neo nazi. He is actually a man of Jewish descent, he was an actor, he is just fighting for his country.

This WAR could escalate. Why? We were at peace, there was no hate. Two weeks ago Putin massed 190,000 troops on Ukraines borders, now they are on Ukrainian soil. Killing, destroying homes, making people homeless. We need PEACE NOT WAR.

Sending love and respect to Russians. Please listen and think.

Update, Russian army shelled the largest nuclear power station in Europe (six times bigger than Chernobyl) and started a fire. Fire is out but it could release massive nuclear fallout. Is Putin mad?