Women don’t always like shopping!

Retail therapy, that’s what women shopping is something called. And yes sometimes going out and buying things can be fun. But it’s not something I can afford to do all the time.

Normal household shopping is more mundane. How many tins of beans or loaves do I need this week. Will I need to go out more than once? How long will things last?

My hubby says he hates shopping. So I asked him if he thought I enjoyed it? We don’t have the skills to order on line and I prefer to vary what I get. I like variety when I shop and seeing the things that are there.

But shopping is not a pleasure. Its a chore. Like washing up or doing the dishes.

Let me let you into a secret. Women are not genetically programmed to do household chores. We are not robots, not domestic goddesses not slaves or maids. If we have partners they should share the work. Just because women have generally always managed household chores doesn’t mean they always will do or should.

I can’t understand why you can call a woman a ‘slut’ for having an untidy or messy home, but you can’t use the same expression for men? Why are women picked on?

‘Treat them mean, keep them keen’ ? No ‘Treat them fair, do your share!’ Should be the slogan!

Bought a book

I’ve just got this on one of those delivery websites it only took a couple of days to arrive. I got this because of the subjects but also because each woman has an illustrated portrait. I like the way there are different styles of illustraton even thought they are by thr same illustrator. Each has different characteristics and the illustrator shows different ideas for each person.

I want to explore the work of this illustrator as she does things in a very different way to how I do things.

Hidden homeless

When I go down to the supermarket I often see people who are homeless. I try and give something and also give people details about a local housing association who help them.

But I have come across a young woman who stays with her friend, but tonight she knocked on our door. She explained that her friend had gone out to work and had locked her out. She would not be able to get back in until 6am?i asked her if she wanted the number of the homeless team but she said no. She has somewhere to go and sit and it’s not too cold.

But I wasn’t happy to just let her go. We gave her some change and a bit of fruit. I also gave her a thick warm scarf. Not much helpi know. What else could I do? I was trying to keep a social distance but help too.

My thought after she left, was why she was locked out? She said something about sleeping on the floor, so she might just be ‘sofa surfing’.

This brings up the issue of hidden homelessness. Women especially seem effected by this. They need to keep hidden to avoid being attacked or harmed. Why is this happening in a world that is so mad. If she comes back I will try and help more.

Hot flushes


Things that you don’t find out when you are young….

Middle aged women suffer from hot flushes (or flashes) as they get older. This is called the Menopause. You can start getting problems when you are perimenopausal. This is when the normal hormones reduce as you age. Women start getting problems like osteoporosis or loss of bone density. It can also cause memory problems.

One thing that can relieve this is HRT or hormone replacement therapy, but this is not widely available. Basically women are just expected to get on with it.

I guess the only advantage is not needing extra layers when it’s cold. At the moment I feel like the central heating is on full blast.. But the radiators are off!

International Women’s day


A date to remember. Its international women’s day and also one hundred years since the suffragettes’ fought for the vote for women in Britain. The colours of purple white and green were used to signify their struggle.

It should be remembered that when they finally did get the vote it was only for older women who owned property…

International women’s day means freedom to me. The freedom to vote and be part of a democracy. The freedom to control your body and not be forced to do things you don’t want to. The freedom to own your own property and to earn equal pay for work of equal value.

As a woman I have seen years of inequality. I have seen mysogeny and misanthropic behaviour. But not everyone is like that. At the end of the day we need to learn to respect one another. After all women are not another species. Equality is still some distance away, people shouldn’t be judged on the way they look or act. Life can be hard work. With age comes experience. Women don’t need patronising it’s time for equality.



She may be a drawing, a face, a gaze from afar,

She is a woman, a girl, a mother, a sister.

She has feelings, emotions, can laugh and cry,

She sees you, cares for us, hates war and injustice.

She is equal not more, but not less, she counts.

Women and Girls, Mothers and Sisters


Men and Boys, Fathers and Brothers.


Any other genders that present themselves



Equation complete.