Just wrote to my MP

Why have I just had to give my takeaway meal to a homeless woman by xxx bank in xxx tonight. Why is she sitting there with a wet duvet, in the cold. Articulate and desperate. Crying.
She didn’t ask for our help, she was just desperate.
Why do I need to take pity on someone? Be a good Samaritan. Why isn’t your damn government doing something Christian to sort things out?
Oh we can’t afford it? But you damn well won’t charge taxes to the rich!
Yours Sincerely
Xxxxx Mallaband-Brown

But I shouldn’t have to write this. Our MP doesn’t seem to be in touch with the local population. I don’t even know if she lives here. When she was first elected she answered my emails, then one of her staff answered. Now I expect silence. In the meantime people are suffering. If I’d had somewhere for her to go I would have offered her somewhere to stay.


My hubby just saw lots of people under canal bridges tonight bedding down for the night… Even someone with a mattress on crates. Crazy how people were helped during lockdown are now forgotten. I suppose the hotel owners who were putting them up want their rooms back. But surely the government should have come up with solutions while they were in lockdown? Or am I wrong to think that people are important and should be cared for? Added to that a lot of people whose furlough is ending are soon going to be eligible to have rent arrears action taken against them. Case of apocalypse postponed not averted.



Just wrote to my MP because this happened today….

Dear………. MP

I just had a man knock on the door, he’d spoken to my husband last week, he had nothing, we gave him a bit of money and some bread and cheese. I asked him if he had spoken to the council homeless team. He said they just come out with a flask with a lukewarm drink and a few protein bars. He can’t easily eat them as he has no teeth. He used to run a business but had to sell it. He’s living in a tent by the river. (all this was discussed at a distance well over six foot).

Is there anything that can be done for him. All I know is his name is ……. and he is in his fifties by the look of it.

Yours Sincerely


What is going on. How have we come to this. I think he would have knocked on the door even without what is going on now. People should not be in this situation.

Stay safe and sheltered.



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Last night it was minus 6°C in parts of the United Kingdom. There are homeless people living out there in this country, huddled in doorways, or visiting foodbanks. People are buying sleeping bags and hot water bottles to use when it’s cold (for children too) rather than put their heating on.

It’s all become normal in these days of austerity. People are working in the gig economy and are so low paid, or get so few hours work, that they have to claim benefits, and yet the take up of benefits is lower than ever.

What to do? How can things be like this? I’m scared it will only get worse. I heard a homeless man froze to death in car park last night. I could understand if it was a polar explorer, but not a man in a town or city centre. This has to be wrong.

Freezing rain

The mild balmy weather which is so unseasonal for this time of year now seems to have disappeared. The cats are curled up over the radiator on their cat tower. The central heating is now on full time. The weather forecast is for freezing rain and possibly later on snow. I’m lucky not to be shivering outside in this bad weather. People are living outside in this, finding shelter in doorways and under  sheets of plastic or in tiny cheap tents.

Why is this? Our country has a policy called Austerity. Money has been cut from benefits for everyone. Whether you work or not incomes have reduced since the world crash of 2008 and are only recently starting to increase again. Austerity is said to be over but I can’t see that happening soon.

Now we have the follies of Brexit. Enough said. Government is distracted by this stupid policy and in the meantime people can go to hell in a handbasket.

Will no one listen to the poor, the huddled masses? Not if you live in some of the richest countries in the world, and certainly not if you live in poorer countries.

Democracy, a way of governing by committees and voting. Except it doesn’t always work. I do not think we should be anarchists, but we should try and fix democracy.

Fun fact: 80 men have as much money as half the world’s population that’s

80 : 3,600,000,000 (approx).

So, its freezing rain out there. I’m keeping snug. But who can say what will happen to any of us in future?



What does the word dereliction make you think of? Is it your physical surroundings? The derelict state the world seems to be in, or even the people about you?

Living in a town where there seem to be more homeless people than ever makes me feel like the whole of the town is guilty of a dereliction of duty to them. Why would a civilised society allow that to happen? I talk to the people sitting there out in all weather. I sometimes give them some change or the number of the homelessness teams rough sleepers telephone number. My partner saw the people around me looking on I disgust yesterday When I gave money to a homeless man.

When you see someone who has sores on his legs and apparently a broken ankle you have to think how? Why? How have we come to this. He could not get into a doctor because he has no address! I wish I had taken him to the hospital …I dont know why I didn’t. I’m scared society is being allowed to break. Our former leader Margaret Thatcher once said “there is no such thing as society “.

Sadly  I’m beginning to think she was right…shame on us all for allowing such dereliction of humanity.