Last night it was minus 6°C in parts of the United Kingdom. There are homeless people living out there in this country, huddled in doorways, or visiting foodbanks. People are buying sleeping bags and hot water bottles to use when it’s cold (for children too) rather than put their heating on.

It’s all become normal in these days of austerity. People are working in the gig economy and are so low paid, or get so few hours work, that they have to claim benefits, and yet the take up of benefits is lower than ever.

What to do? How can things be like this? I’m scared it will only get worse. I heard a homeless man froze to death in car park last night. I could understand if it was a polar explorer, but not a man in a town or city centre. This has to be wrong.

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  1. Bizarrely I thought of you earlier when traipsing through various items on Freeloved and searched within 50 miles or so and found a lot of stuff is going free in and around the Yorkshire areas.

    Freeloved regularly has stuff available to whoever wants it and much of it isn’t much cop to most but there’s the odd thing that really would make a huge difference to those sleeping rough who could use the simple things most of us may not even think about.

    Free carpets and rugs are always going free and perfect for helping keep the cold off those sleeping rough. Dog beds and fleeces / coats

    Any old and unwanted clothing, blankets and bed linen. Camping bags with pull out waterproof clothes, gloves and essentials. Any flasks or insulated cups that keep heat for a while.

    If anyone has old sheds or external building that would if nothing else offer some shelter it’s helpful if people offer it but in a sort of roundabout mention kind of way so people can just trip in and make themselves comfy rather than it be a formal arrangements which then brings with it a whole load of red tape and hoops to jump through.

    If someone just happens to mentions someone has a small shed or outhouse with an old mattress, small chair and a few odds and sods, there’s nothing to stop someone in need from mooching on inside.

    If you can’t do much else, I’d say the best thing is to do a bit of digging, find out nearby shelters and secure night safes for the homeless and give out so at least people know where and how to get help.

    It’s shocking and upsetting anyone should be in this situation but we do what we can and that’s all we can do x

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    1. That’s really thoughtful. I’ve seen other ideas where winter coats are put out on rails for people who need them. Supermarkets that don’t sell all their clothing stock should help too.
      At the moment out summerhouse is home to an abandoned cat. I feel like if I had the room I would let someone stay here. The world is strange.

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      1. Sorry that should housing. We’re housing a little family of hogs not actually living outside like a family of hogs :/


      1. Yeah, I understand. There isn’t a whole lot I can do either with all my health issues. I do sometimes give homeless a little money if I feel moved to do so. I know that might sometimes be unwise because they might use it on drugs or alcohol or whatever, but I would rather try to help if I can, even if it is misused at times. I also try to support food banks and things like that when I have the opportunity.

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      2. It does get bitterly cold sometimes when you’re inside a small area of shelter and it feels worse in there than outside. Key thing with that is shelter from any wind or rain which umbrellas / big golfer brollies are great for being ale to just open up and place wherever. Simple rolls of foam, rubber matting even industrial rolls of bubble wrap – just something to put down on the ground and get off the hard surface.

        Then it’s layers. Most important thing is to layer up and keep your head covered. You know how older people always had a stack of quilts, flannelette and crotched blankets that crushed your internal organs and made you so hot you couldn’t breathe? No duvet or heated blanket in the world works better.

        I swear my friend are I are like Stig of The Dump in the eyes of other horse owners that spend a fortune on expensive winter rugs and then another fortune getting them proofed, repaired etc.

        Just adding layers is the best way so an old fleece, some quilted blankets or knitted cover stitched together and held in place with a bit of Velcro or a simple twist clip.

        Horses are warm as toast up there with a nice few layers of Grandma blankets but by God they’re cosy 🙂

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      3. See you know the drill 😀 I’m gonna spy and try peeping at the hogs after to see how many babies they have and how old they are. If they’re brand new teeny ones I’ll be piling up Grandma blankets on and sticking a water bottle in there too.

        Would never have known they were there at all but Puddi kept shoving her head into the outhouse and was so determined she ended up getting stuck in the handle of an old mop bucket.

        When the dogs are wedging themselves in mop buckets and still wagging at something you know it’s not just a brick or a bit of gravel.

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