Ukraine again

Memory lapses, things happen and the world turns around the sun. But in February it will be the anniversary of the start of the war in Ukraine waged by Russias Vladimir Putin. Not that that was the start of it, first Russia took The Crimea, now the resolution seems to be to take the south east of Ukraine from its sovereign people. The argument seems to be that it used to be Russian and will be again.

The awful thing about it is the vicious tactics that are being employed.. Sending missiles against the power and water grids in the country. The senseless murder and maiming of the civilian population in their apartment blocks, in hospitals and in maternity wards. The leader of this chaos and destruction is one man, Vladimir Putin. He was involved in the terrible war in Syria where he supplied weapons to President Assad. He has a history of pushing boundaries (literally) and was given too much support by the ex president of a western country. He thinks he will get away with it, I hope he stops and gives Ukraine peace and freedom again but I’m not holding my breath.

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