I have short legs

I just checked my step counter and it came up with this for March. But I do have short legs so it’s not as impressive as you might think. Plus this is steps not miles! Anyway I’ve surprised myself. I think I’ve done 55 days since starting the 100 day walking challenge with my friends. I think I’m slowly getting fitter. My average walk is around three miles. I’m tired and aching, but I will keep going barring injury or illness. Still over 250,000 steps is not bad going for someone who was basically sedentary before that. Yes I was doing a few walks a week , but I think doing this has helped enormously. X


I like helping people. But that can cause problems. I’ve offered to give a friend a lift tonight, but I also give someone else a regular lift. The logistics are giving a lift, doing something at the venue, then picking the other person up and taking her to the venue. Then giving both a lift home…. Phew!

As my hubby says, sometimes I’m too helpful! I hope it all works out OK….

Has anyone else been in a similar dilemma?

Doing a favour.


My friend needed help today, she is not from this city and she does not have many friends so I offered to help ring a company for her to help sort a problem out.

For repairs press 1

For heating press 2

For all other problems press 3.


For central heating press 1

For coal fires press 2

For gas fires press 3.


For carbon monoxide monitors press 1,

For flues press 2,

For chimneys press 3.


For gas press 1

For electric press 2

For plasma press 3


Ring, ring, ring, ring.

All of our assistants are busy

There will be at least a twenty minute wait.

Soft, gentle music……


Hello? Hello?

Hang up!