Evening walk

The sun was setting as we got onto the canal towpath. Nowadays there are little led lights dotted along it, like a set of will-o-the-whisps showing the edge of the canal. Very useful as you don’t want to accidentally step in to the water! I only added these photos because they are lovely reflections and skies. There are more I might add later….

Missing Walsall illuminations.

I remember Walsall illuminations over the years. We went most years as children, it was always wonderful to wander through the Arboretum, a huge park in Walsall. The lights as we called them usually ran from September and the leaves that were starting to change, were lit with coloured lights, some of the light displays were brought in from Blackpool. The beauty was that you could walk through the park, eventually coming out by the boating lake where you could see a spectacular light show, especially in later years when they used lasers and fountains. Part of the charm was that they kept some of the tableau for years. Like the clock family. These were clock shaped with legs and arms and the hour and minute hands formed the faces. They were fibre glass and painted bright colours. With bulbs placed in them to light them. There was always a fair on in the park so children could go on the rides and have candy floss. It’s ten years since ‘cost cutting’ closed them down. So sad……