Yawning, aching, eyes blurred, too many late nights watching TV or videos on my phone. I could sleep, but my feet hurt, which keeps me awake. Then I’m either too hot or too cold, or hubby snores, or kicks my ankle. Too many decaff coffees make it worse. Even if I don’t have lots of thoughts sometimes it difficult. I put a light on, if I read sometimes I can sleep, I hear the book drop, but I’m gone. Other times I put the radio on low, a murmur, but sometimes I catch a headline and have to listen…. So many reasons for NOT sleeping, and yet HE can just sleep, like that, so annoying! ❤️

At the lake

At the lake my hubby sailed his radio controlled speedboat. All was fine for a while. He sent it round a little bouy a few times, although he did come a bit close to some ducks though. But then the battery started going flat, he kept sending it out and it started to slow down. He got it back but sent it for one last run and… It stopped and stuck by the bouy! What to do? We threw a couple of stones but it drifted outwards. Oh no! Hubby took his trousers off! No! Waded into the lake with his shoes on! No! Used a branch to get the boat, almost fell over into the foul smelling water and waded out. Then he put his trousers back on (with black and green coloured legs). He had to squelch a few hundred yards to the car. It was brave but silly, people have drowned in the big lake, luckily the small lake was shallow at that edge. But after all that’s happened recently, well I wasn’t happy.


When I was a little child I used to look out of the window at the rain falling in our back yard. We had blue brick paving that became shiny as it got wet. As puddles began to fall the raindrops would splash up in circles. I decided that they were tiny fairies dancing in the rain.

When things happen in life you remember things that you haven’t for years. I’m glad to retrieve this memory.


Trying to draw rain on a dry day! This was for todays #bandofsketchers prompt ‘rain’, I drew Westport Lake and then added strokes of pen to indicate rain and dark clouds above. It was a black and white drawing but I decided to add watercolours to it when I got home. Beyond the front line of trees is the A500 and the main railway line. Above that the hill leading to Newcastle under Lyme.

Comfort cat

Our boy cat is sitting half on a cushion, half on my hubbies lap. This is unusual, he’s always been quite nervous. He will normally sit or lie between us on a cushion between the two arm chairs. He sometimes puts his paws on me, but even now, after a few years, he’s still quite nervous. That’s because he was abandoned by his previous owners and he was living outside for a couple of years. At least now he trusts us after a lot of love and encouragement. Finally, he’s being a lap cat x.

Watching Sci-fi

I’m watching one of the Star wars movies so I thought I’d create a digital image that reflects the power of the film sets. Full of massive architectural shapes and dark power. This though is a plastic star we have hanging in the living room. I’ve duplicated and twisted it, then added texture and overlays of a lightning storm. Figuring out how to produce an interesting image takes my mind off things.