Chlorinated chicken


 In Britain we are about to leave the European Union although 48% of people who voted in the referendum voted not to leave.

To put this in context a ‘friend’ accused me of scaremongering and put a long post on my page saying that chlorinated chicken is marvellous and anyone who was against it were lefie remainers who are apparently too woke??? (what the hell does that mean).

Now I feel guilty because I am speaking against the USA system. But this is what I found on a post on the BBC website on 8 March 2019, and I am using their facts, not my own.

If you read the fact check on the website. ‘is chlorinated chicken bad for you?’ they state that using chlorine is not harmful and cleans up the chickens surface, but this can mask problems inside the chicken where high levels of bacteria can be found like campilobacter or salmonella. It also states that poor hygiene and badly run, crowded abattoirs are hidden by this process. When the two methods of producing chicken were checked, much higher levels of harmful bacteria were found in the chlorinated chicken. So no I will not be choosing it to eat it. 

Robbie Burns songs.


After singing ‘Green grow the rashes o’ by the Scottish author and musician Robert Burns, we started learning a new song at choir tonight. It’s called ‘Ay waukin o’. It’s not about walking, but about waking or being awake. Not being able to think because of thinking of her dearie.

The melody is beautiful, rising and falling in sweet harmonies. Singing about lanely (lonely) night. Everyone else sleeping, and she sings ‘and bleer my eyes wi weepin’.

So beautiful. Its music I’ve never heard before, I’m pleased we are learning it.


Twig owl

A process of cropping, mirroring and flipping images to create interesting patterns. I think the final result looks like a little owl reflected in water. I’ve changed the tones and hues slightly in the image to enhance the shadows in the cloudscape. The idea has always been to have abstract shapes apparently floating in the sky. It’s a recurring theme of mine.


Dance like there’s no tomorrow..


The 64 million artists January challenge today was to post some music and an image on the theme ‘dance like there’s no tomorrow’.

My problem is I still have a sore hip and I don’t really have a music collection.. What to do? I asked my hubby to dance… Lots of laughter and this photo. I’ve cropped it so he cannot be identified….


Mill wheel


From a couple of years ago, acrylic on water colour paper. A mill in Leek, Staffordshire moorlands. Done for a leaflet about the Trent and Mersey canal. Another one of those Facebook memories that crop up that you’ve forgotten about until they pop up on your time line….