Big cat

For the first time ever our big cat sat on my hubby’s knees! He as an abandoned cat and we have looked after him for five years. Gradually over that time he has become more appreciative of being stroked. He used to just sit on the chair arms between us, but now he’s venturing further. He’s a sweet cat, and he’s very big, but very gentle. He will tell you when he doesn’t like something. He rarely likes being lifted up, but he’s much calmer now. He loves his food and he’s quiet around our other two cats. I love them all….

Alien sky

Have I posted this before? By twisting an image by 90° and mirroring it you can get some strange effects. The lines on here are Street lamps going off into the distance. The light behind the clouds give it an alien appearance, what sort of atmosphere could it be. I can also see strange figures in the sky. Possibly faces? A bit of pareidolia? Symmetry does odd things….

Falcon Works

Old bottle oven at the falcon works in Stoke. Bushes are growing out of it and the old pottery factory next to it was damaged by fire last year. Its terrible that the industrial heritage of Stoke-on-Trent is gradually crumbling. It should be renovated and reused, but it will probably be allowed to fall down. But there is no money, there is no support, there is no hope for these buildings I think. A few years ago it was suggested it could be a museum but I think the local residents opposed it because there would be traffic issues. I wish there was a chance that the dereliction could be stopped!

Water is blue

How do i know the water is blue? Surely it’s transparent. But look at the sea. As you go deep into it you can see it stays blue until you go deep when it’s black. Then look at water at sunset. It stays blue even when the sky turns red doesn’t it? And in yellow white sunshine its very blue. Not green, not yellow, not red, not purple – Blue.

Only colours

I saw this canal boat and just wanted to take a photo of the colours and the perspective lines. You don’t always have to take a photo that shows the entire object. Close ups and distant shots can be good. Macro photos can be very interesting. There are bad photos, but then you can crop them to show a different aspect. Be open to different ideas. Be creative, be comfortable with trying something new.

Sky this afternoon

I sat and watched the sky, there was an interesting looking cloud, but it was too bright to see initially because if the low sun. Then after a few minutes the cloud gradually crept over the sun. We needed to rest as we were on our walk around our local hill. Sitting on the bench I could feel a cold breeze ruffling my hair and I pulled my coat a bit closer. Apparently a storm is due tomorrow so the gusts of wind might be the beginning of it.