Palette pattern


I do love the colours that lie underneath the paint layer on my palette. If you use acrylic paint just try peeling the paint layer off carefully. You might be surprised what you find underneath. Colours that clash or harmonise. This works with Acrylics. It won’t work with watercolours and I think that oil paints would still be wet underneath.

You could take a photo of the outcome and play with it as I have.

Is this art? I don’t know, it’s related to art. If I did a series of these by creating new patterns, or photographing every palette I guess I could say it was art. Maybe a type of painting or even fluid art? I’m not sure.


Hi I’m trying new editor

Vintage shoes 

Right, well, I’m just trying to see how this looks. Normally I use a format which I like. I know how it will turn out. But as it looks like we will have to use the new editor I thought I would have a go.

So I’m pressing buttons and hoping. I’ve already changed the format into bold large text and back again…… 

So the shoes were at a vintage craft fair I went to today. Trouble was, they were about a size 4 (UK) and I’m a 5…plus I don’t do heels, but they were beautiful and only £15. Sadly I decided I didn’t need them.

Well now I’ve found a colour block, but what I need is categories to add tabs….. 

Photo, new editor, learning, well that was me trying to add tabs. I previewed this and it looks a bit scrappy…..