Don’t press, it won’t play!

It’s a screenshot! I have recorded a couple of songs for a virtual pantomime. It’s a group of us singing the beginning and end songs for the performance. I hope it goes together OK. We will then be given small scenes to speak our lines… I’m not sure how it’s going to work, people a lot cleverer than me will sort it out!

Fingers crossed we get some sort of funny performance result. X

No don’t use your computer hooman!

I will sit here hooman

Till you notice me.

You can’t type here hooman.

I won’t let you see!

If you use your keyboard,

If you touch your mouse,

I will chase the wires

Dance upon the desk.

Watch out I am jumping

On the computer keys,

Padding up and down them

Hooman- I’m here. Please,

Take some notice off me

Don’t ignore the cat,

Or I’ll press a button

And Delete all that!

Zoom 🎶 singing


Last night we had fun trying to sing together as a group on Zoom. It was a laugh, we all tried to sing together but the delays on the line meant that most of the time we were badly out of sync with each other….

Then my cat jumped up and kept getting in the way. She was walking backwards and firwards in front on my camera, so I grabbed her for a couple of minutes, I must have looked like a Bond villan! My friend who was hosting the meeting, tried to play music for us to sing to, but we couldn’t here it. At one stage he had three screens and two mice and keyboards on the go trying to get it to work. I admired the effort as it was the first time he had tried to do it!

Next week we will have another go, but it might be best to mute everyone and just sing along with someone leading the choir. As it was we were too busy falling about laughing instead of trying to sing the tune. I’ve never heard Molly Malone sung like that except as a raucous chorus in a pub on a boozy night out. It was a fun night though with friends.


Started him


Yes I’m painting my husband as a green man. This is about two hours in. I’m limiting the pallette to only greens white and dark grey. I think I’m getting a reasonable likeness to him although his nose may be a little long and his face is a bit narrow. The cheeky eyes staring out make me want to laugh, so often he’s serious, he’s got a lot on his mind. Also I rarely paint faces on this scale, it’s quite a big canvas so any mistakes are magnified. As you can see I have not sketched this out except initially in a darker green. I’m adjusting positions of his features as I go along. However I’ve stopped for a rest and to charge my phone as it is going flat and I’m holding the phone to work from. Modern day painting eh? And yes his nose needs to be bigger.





Coo its a cow, taking a chew on you,

There goes your hair, have you some spare?

The look in her eye tells what I spy,

Your hair it is tasty, now let’s be hasty.

Get away from her kiss, for its plain its not bliss…

And all of the slobber, is a big bother.

So goodbye dear sweet cow lets her take a bow….

And I will soon beat, a hasty retreat!

I hope this raises a laugh. My husband only just remembers it, must have been 20 years ago. Cheers, have a good weekend!