Tabby or tiger?

In a display case, trapped like a tiger in a cage. Black and brown tabby sculpture. Little legs, massive tail. Iove this piece of cat sculpture at Salts Mill in Saltaire, Yorkshire. I think the technique is scraffito? Where you have a thin layer of slip pover a different colour. When it’s dry you can carve through it to reveal the underlying colour. A purrfect decoration for this wild tabby!

Bright idea

I keep getting told I should try and get some of my designs printed on tee shirts. I love colour and patterns and I just keep creating them. Some of them are tweaked digitally, some are drawings in sketchbooks, others are digital patterns. I have thousands of drawings. My brain just keeps going on and on and on…..


Some strange creature or plant. A combination of broccoli and alveoli perhaps? A few added leaves, contours, scales. Zig zaging power lines. Light and shade, using different thickness of pen lines. Giving depth in places. You don’t have to stick to one line, you can vary it. Experience and experiment. Trying to learn.


I like the freedom of playing with pattern and colour. This is my way of chilling, relaxing, meditating. Using a kaleidoscope style of drawing app on my phone. I cannot remember how I did this, it’s a few weeks or months ago since I drew it. Maybe I need to use things like this on teeshirts? Or on bags, but I’m good at prevarication, I need to give myself a kick I think…

Doodled Halloween costume.

I decided to doodle a mask for Halloween 🦇, but it ended up being more of an extravaganza! Sharp and spikey with googly eyes…. The face has half a mask, half face, but with green lipstick and yellow contact lenses… I’ve never worn anything like this. It might be a laugh to make it up, but I haven’t got a clue how to create it!

Need to do more

Digital profile

I’m finally, after almost three weeks, starting to feel a little like I want to do some painting or creating digital art again. Things have been really bad. It must have been hard to read some of the things I wrote. Death is not easy to cope with, and not having answers about why something has happened makes it even harder. But amongst the misery my little artist inside me has kept me going. It’s like the thread Ariadne gave to the hero Persius, to find his way out of the Minotaurs maze. It’s always there, even when I’m not doing any art. It helps me X


Does anyone remember this. It came with pins to hold the circles down that you drew around. You had to use thick card board to pin into otherwise as you used the small circles the paper would slip. Over the years I did hundreds of these patterns, I could almost draw them without the plastic circles and getting pens to fit in the little holes. I liked some patterns more than others. Maybe it explains my obsession with them now?