Foxy painting

This was a tiny painting I did three years ago soon after I got my studio at Spode. I paint small pictures so that if people don’t have wall space for anything large they could still have something, and not expensive. This was about 1″ by 2″, it was sold at a craft fair (remember the heady days when people could go out and cram into a place full of lovely crafts and art?). Maybe, one day, I can do a few more.

14 thoughts on “Foxy painting

      1. I have got A5, A4 and A3. If I am just doing a practice sketch A6 is fine. I have a variety of stretched canvases including two that are round all of which are stored here for potential creations.


      2. Wow they sound interesting. Because I have only ever seen square, rectangle and round canvases I checked with Mr Google and sure enough was a good supply of hexagon and star shaped canvases. …the world is our oyster.

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      3. I can remember my father feeding us raw oysters soaked in vinegar, Mum would go crook at him, she didn’t eat them. They are nice cooked, I haven’t had them for years.


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