Old brushes


I try and look after my brushes, keep them pointed, neat. Then I came downstairs and found my hubby using one to clean his ears! NOOOO!

I’m going to a watercolour workshop soon. Its been years since I’ve used them. I don’t know what I will learn, but it’s going to be interesting. I will probably use the same brushes I use for acrylics. I tend to use artificial brushes rather than natural ones because they stay springier. I will post photos if they turn out OK.


Learning to draw…


Someone was asking for ti’s on how to start drawing today so I gave this response.

Choose good quality things to draw with. If you use pencils try softer ‘b’ numbers not hard ‘h’ ones. It’s nice to see the marks you make. Also choosing a combination of thin and thick nibbed black pens means you can have different sizes of marks. Choose a sketchbook that has at least a hard back if you can. Not too big. That way it’s easier to hold and it doesn’t slump mid drawing. Finally you could practice making marks with them. I started drawing copies of things when I was a child. I chose something I liked. It helps your hand eye coordination. You don’t have to do that though. Everyone will do things differently.

I suppose I could have talked more about what to draw, but I think basic equipment is important. If you draw something but it looks weedy and thin it it can put you off. Like when you use cheap paints. You don’t get a good effect, you can’t really see the result and you might have to scrub at the paper to get the marks to show up.