Above our door


I designed this about 25 years ago. A cat resting in the window above our front door. My friend Phil Shaw who was a carpenter also knew how to make stained glass, so I drew out the pattern and he made this up for me. It’s been there ever since and I love it. When we had our house double glazed I wanted to have this incorporated into a window but they couldn’t do it, so it remains, behind the single glass window. Letting the sunlight in. Coloured patches on the carpet.

Got to start painting again

_20200219_130113this is a self portrait I started last year, but haven’t finished. So where best to start when you have been a bit blocked, than to work on something like this.

I want to do a series of ‘green’ portraits. The idea being that I can make a different image that is striking and interesting. Although there is a basic structure done on this I may make a lot of changes. Its definitely a work in progress.


A drawing of a steam engine


I like to try and sketch things when I’m visiting places, and this is my attempt at a steam engine when we were visiting. Middleport pottery in August 2018.i don’t know why I thought it was bad, it doesn’t look too awful now in hindsight. I can be too critical of myself sometimes. It’s a bit wonky but when you are trying to draw a moving bit of machinery it’s not easy. Anyway I’m publishing it, so I’ve forgiven myself for my mistakes.

Black ink pen on cartridge paper, it’s probably in one of my numerous sketchbooks, somewhere in the pile of drawings and sketches I have built up over the years.


Spilt paint

I’m annoyed with myself. I’ve got a nice warm, pale blue cardigan which I wear to paint in. I’ve had it for several years. But this weekend I managed to get yellow, black and white paint on it. I’d been holding a brush in my left hand together with the little paint pot I was using to mix up bits of yellow, pink, white and black. I was painting with my right hand and not really concentrating and I ended up splodging a bit of paint on my cardigan and my coat. I saw it on my coat and wiped it off, but didn’t notice my cardigan till it had dried on! Slightly annoyed. So what do you do? Make a pattern out of it. Waste not, want not!

This was me.

Me at 18.


I have no idea where there paintings are now, but thus was me at 18. My work was part of a group exhibition for my foundation course in Art. Why did I have curly hair?

I think the picture I was holding was in watercolour or black quink ink? The top picture is my mirrored image, with desks in the background. I don’t have the article any more, it’s got lost in the mists of time. I posted this somewhere on line and kept a copy of it. I can’t say the exact date it was taken… How I wish I could go back to those days!



Colour and shape and hopefully humour. Digital drawing, playing, having fun…. Little fat birdie. Feathers flying, bird, not quite, of paradise? Little heart shape in its eye, only just noticed it, a gleam there. Primary and secondary colours. Swirls and twirls…. I think I need to sleep, I’m dreaming of baby canaries!

Tiny paintings


This is a couple of years old and about two inches by one inch. I’m thinking of doing a few more of these for a craft fair, and to cheer myself up! I have a small commission to do and I can’t drag myself out of my current low mood. In any case I’m OK really, just need to get myself sorted out. Painting helps me feel better, calmer, or excited and happy.

Paint ain’t a bad thing

gets your mind working.

Paint is a pleasure

and a little bit frightening.

Creating your ideas,

putting them down

on paper and canvas.

Drawing out my mind

with colour and texture.

Life can suck,

but paint can pull you back,

giving a solution and reason to be.