Keep your mask on!

Our marvellous, incredible, smart government raised all restrictions on Covid 19 a couple of weeks ago. No masks, no social distancing, wonderful?! NOT!

Now Covid numbers that were going down are going up again. What do you mean? you say. Yes numbers are now between 1 in 13 and 1 in 30 depending on where you live in the UK.

Hospitals are taking in more patients although they are not all ending up in intensive care. Our government seems to think we ‘have to live with it’ more like ‘have to die with it’. I wish our government had a few brains instead of bean counters!

5 thoughts on “Keep your mask on!

  1. I wish the population in the UK had a few brains and work out like I did in 2020 that we have been fooled into thinking that masks work against the virus. I was having immuno-therapy treatment for alleged cancer (a serious misdiagnosis) in April to June 2020 when masks were not advised and I was fine. Having so-called cancer meant I was identified as ‘extremely vulnerable’.
    Anyway, masks do help against dust, sand and diesel fumes, which is great, just not against the virus.
    Of course breathing in the said substances might damage or poison you, so masks can help reduce risks of falling ill in that regard.

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