Moving a cone? What caption?

DSC_2221_optimized (2)

What caption would you use for this photo?

Can you think of something funny or amusing to describe it?

Photo taken at the British Ceramic Biennial last year at the Spode site, Eleanora street, Stoke, Stoke-on-Trent.

I’m not giving out prizes, it’s not a competition, but just have fun…. X

Orchids or Triffids?


My biggest orchid is getting a bit rampant, it’s ariel roots are slowly growing across the cupboard. The smallest one is gradually dying. I think I need to give its roots a bit more air and fresh orchid medium. The middle one seems OK although it’s flowers only lasted a couple of weeks. The house isn’t very warm (usually between 18 and 20°C, sometimes as low as 16°C) but I’ve made sure they are not in a draft. I found out they like to grow in clear plastic pots, they like the light getting to them. I’m planning to repot after the flowers die off… Any advice about ariel roots. Can I cut them back…. I don’t want to damage the plant.

Can you know how I feel?


Can you know how I feel?

The fog that ties me down?

The tight knots in my head,

A lack of wanting to do things.

My mind wanders away to rest.

Huddled in grey mist,

Finding solace in thought.

Do you know what I can do?

How I can break my bonds.

Feel lightened by relief?

A choice of turning in and tuning out.

Or hold tight until life returns….

Freeing me from these thoughts.

Thinking about Art


I just posted this as a comment on a friends page… “I always feel I could do better when I’ve finished a painting, I look at the mistakes not the good bits….”

That made me think, is that why I paint, draw, and create?

Tomorrow I’m going to another friends, she is running an art lunch once a month. I’m hoping I can draw some inspiration to work out what I’m doing next. I have let things slide in January, now I need to try and make more of an effort….

Serendiparty Art and Craft Centre, Stoke


Apologies to Google for using their map? This is a new Art Centre with local artists work being displayed and for sale. I’m really pleased that I’ve got some of my paintings there.

Its Serendiparty Arts and Craft Centre in Campbell Place, Stoke, Stoke-on-Trent. Open 10am Wednesday to Sunday. The owner Phil, is very welcoming.

If you look for you should be able to find it.


Last minute present buying.


What do I get my friend, or my relative the day before Christmas eve. A bottle of wine in return for the wrapped bottle they gave us? A useful piece of pottery? Two China cat plates I randomly was given a few years ago? Maybe a painting… But would it be their taste? Last year I went mad and bought a deer stalker hat for a female friend. She actually liked it! I don’t think she’s worn it much though.

Friends and relatives, apologies if I don’t get you anything very interesting this year. My energy ran out when I got this cold. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! So I’m off to the supermarket later to delve into the goodies there. I might be lucky….

Chocolates anyone? Luxury ones of course….

Pity the nation.


I recently came across this on Facebook and I have copied it to post here. It expresses a lot of concerns I have, not only about my land, but other places around the world. I don’t know if people are more threatened and bullied than in the past, or whether things are reported more. Certainly I do not have experience in my own life of wars, although I lived through times of conflict. Nowadays the ” media” seems to control life more than in the past. I’m thinking of George Orwell and his book 1984. I think we need to question what happens. Think about what democracy means to people, ask if some Men (and I mean Men) have more power than they should. So much to think about, but unsure how to make things better for people.