The back yard looks very green now. The flowers are going and there is some wilting, but temperatures have stayed reasonable so there isn’t any frost damage yet. I suppose we will have to compost the plants if it gets really cold, but I’m one of those gardeners that keeps going as long as possible. Successes are the fushias which have woody stems, also the begonia that is in the shelter of the wall. A few lobelia remain and the nasturtiums hubby planted into the old brick wall are trailing everywhere!

Turn around?

When you hang up a hanging basket make sure it’s facing the right way! This was a bit heavy and we just hung it up without looking which was the right way. It needs turning 180° but it will have to wait. It’s been watered and it’s a lot heavier now. Mind you there are begonias about to flower on this side, I might leave it a few days and see how it develops. Gardening is great, you can never tell exactly how things will turn out.

That basket

I said I would post again about this hanging basket. I’m afraid the frost a couple of nights ago and minus 3.3°c put paid to the begonias, but some of the other plants are still going. Now they are covered in snow and more is forecast over the next few days…. I will see what it looks like whan it’s thawed a bit……

Back yard today

It’s still looking good despite the heavy rain we have been having. At least its meant that the hanging baskets have been getting watered. I think we have a bit of a microclimate so the area doesn’t get as cold as in the main garden, but it does get the sun when it shines in the afternoon. Hopefully everything will keep going for a while longer. The begonias have bee spectacular this year!

Still growing


Everything is spreading out, the flowers are still blooming and huge leaves are sprouting from the courgette plants although I haven’t looked at them for a few days. My morning glory plants have survived a few cool nights, but still no flowers. I probably planted them too late in the season. I really need to dead head the plants but it’s so cramped along the yard its hard to get down there….. I have noticed the blueberries are ripening. I must pick them soon… I need to get my act together.


One of the best things this year have been the begonias in the hanging baskets.

I’m not certain, but I think there are male and female flowers. Because some are big and blousy and the others are smaller and more simple. Whichever they are, they have been beautiful this year. The colours are subtle and amazing. They have also lasted a long time. I’ve only had to dead head them a few times. I’m hoping the weather does not get cold too soon so I can enjoy them for a few weeks longer.


Cat in garden


This is the cat statue I showed on this page yesterday, in situ in the garden. I’m afraid the plants have dried out a bit and wilted in this heat. I might put some new pots in front of the cat.

I think the lilies are being munched by lily beetles. They are big and bright red. They don’t have spots like ladybirds. I’m hoping they don’t do to much damage. You are supposed to squash them but I can’t do that.

Anyway, thanks to my friend again for making Esher cat. He is a real friendly face in the garden.

Hanging basket in November

I’m looking out at this today…. _20191104_111358

My hanging baskets are still in flower on 4th November! My Christmas cactus is coming into flower on the window ledge, global warming certainly is having an effect on plant life.

The baskets were planted up at a nursery in May and we have had them ever since. They have done really well. The plants are begonias I think, but there are other flowers in there still including fushias. I’m not emptying them till the frosts get them. It’s so nice to look out the window at some colour at this time of year.