Trees in winter

Reflections again, this time of trees along the river Trent a few weeks ago. Walking in the rain, trying to avoid the fifty yard long puddles on the paths. Stepping through muddy grass with shoes sinking into the earth. It was wet! Subtle hints of green in the bushes that was knocked back when the temperatures dropped and the snow fell. A whole section of the newly restored river bank washed away and the new housing estate on the flood plain is threatened. Why build on the flood plain anyway? Money!



The top image is a painting of my eyes reflected in various ways, the second has been adjusted in Photodirector that can change the style of your image and has lots of tools that I have used, but this is my favourite. It’s interesting to see how a painting can look if you were painting it in a different style. I don’t know if I could achieve this in actual paint. It also gives you new ideas that you could maybe use instead.

I do like experimenting with art. The original painting is a bit different. It was about looking into myself. Possibly a failed experiment. But I like it.


Green woman?


I love green. I’ve done a painting of myself as a green woman, and this is a selfie I did in the garden today. I was trying to complete a challenge with a group of friends to post an image of myself with different colours of the rainbow. Today the colour was green. I started out wrapping a pale green scarf round my head, but it didn’t work very well, so I went outside and stuck my head through the leaves of various bushes.

Are you doing any strange challenges or being prompted to do things you wouldn’t normally do?

Art you enjoying doing some crafts or art work. What occupies your time in these odd times?