A thought for the day.

PicsArt_10-04-11.36.58I listen to radio 4 on the BBC network and they have a programme called “thought for the day” which is why I have added an A to the front of the title incase I’m infringing copyright.

The radio programme is what it says, a thought, but from a religious perspective. A lot of people have been calling for non religious thoughts to be included. Sometimes it seems as if the talk is non religious but then there is a twist at the end.

Why is it assumed that only if you are religious can you have morals? Why are we still held by the assumption that good things are only possible with the will of a deity?

Don’t get me wrong,  I do not think religions are bad. I have been bought up in the Christian faith and I have many friends who follow various religions.

My main quibble is that some people do good because they are promised a reward in heaven. I don’t know what I think of an afterlife but I do think that if you are not religious you can still be good. In fact if you do not have a religion and are not expecting a reward and just do things for the greater good does that give a moral superiority?

I don’t go as far as that, but I enjoy giving people help and assistance. Humans need to care more for one another and not base their ideas on what tribe we belong to. Perhaps that is something we should consider if we want this planet to continue

What do you think? Why not comment ….


Richards painting


This is my partners painting of our old cat from about 30 years ago.

It’s oil paint on hardboard. He doesn’t paint but when we had this cat he decided to have a go. He also did a large painting of sunflowers at the same time. I love this , it’s up in our bedroom. When I wake up in the morning I remember her.

To anyone who thinks they can’t paint or draw I would say it doesn’t matter. This is a loving attempt at capturing a sweet cat. It’s the feeling behind this that matters and I love Richard for painting it.


When insomnia strikes


My ears whistling that high pitched whistle again, last night it was sussing like a weathered shell held to my ear. Plus it’s gone cold  all of a sudden, the chill has reached my ankles, my knees, got up to get the duvet to snuggle in, then I was too hot…

Snoring from my partner doesn’t help, it builds up gradually, not too loud, but when you are trying to lie quietly it creeps up on you, can you sleep before it reaches peak snore?

So I go back to bed, snuggle under the duvet, elbow my partner in the ribs so he turns over, blow my nose to relieve the whistle…5 minutes, 10 minutes….no, pick up my book, turn to page 44 and start reading. It’s a science book, Richard Feynmann QED, trying to understand light waves or particles, quanta…..dozed offf…….zzzzx…CAT decides to jump up to get warm next to my back,,uh….drsf ,,gnnnh…she wakes me up running over my face!…..awake again I seek solace in my computer, check emails…write this…..no midnight trumpish tweeting where’s the coveeffee,,,,Gnnn, coffee,,decaff,,hot…….

Money makes the world go around?


Thats what they say..

You can hear it today,

Money makes the world go around,

That’s what they found,

When people have money,

Life is more sunny.

When people are poor,

Dont darken my door..?

How can it be right,

Billionaires have might,

When there is no dosh (money)

No one gets nosh (food).

80 people have more money,

Than half the world’s population, funny…

While the world sits in debt,

Rich men still cast their net,

For gold and jewels and folding stuff…

When will they say they have enough….

So Money only makes things fun

If you have it, by the ton!


Im drinking beer and thinking…


I’ve not had that much beer, probably a bottle, because I’m sharing with my partner, trying to see which one is best. My favourite is a chocolate flavoured porter. About 6% abv. That’s quite strong but I’ve had less than a quarter of a pint and if I can spell that I’m OK. Just chilling.

So my thoughts are.

I’m lucky to be able to do this, sit and watch TV, have a roof over my head. Be able to paint and draw. Have enough money to feed myself and my partner, run an old car…,

I wish everyone had that chance. Could live in peace. I’m a silly old idealist. But I care about people. ….maybe this is the drink talking? I see people begging in the streets. It wasn’t always like that. We were more of a caring country I think, where did we go wrong!? Austerity is a word used to hide the cruelty of the rich getting richer and the poor, well..poorer.

The working poor is the latest thing. Doctors, nurses and police taking second jobs to earn enough to live on? When did that start? Ordinary people with three or more jobs to pay the rent?

I’m leaving this here…what is happening to the world!