Recurring dream


In my dream I’m in a city, buying a crumbling house, with many floors. It is so delapidated, chunks of rubble are falling from it.

The house is actually two houses one on top of the other. It is perched at the top of a vertical cliff, and bits of building keep falling off.

I don’t know why I’m having this dream. I’m not scared in it, the city seems recognisable as somewhere I know, the sun mainly shines, or the sun is setting. Sometimes I will be miles away and I have to walk back to the house, by convoluted paths.

All the buildings in the city are falling down, but they are like ruins, much more romantic than real buildings.

I want to work out why I’m dreaming this and I don’t understand is why it keeps recurring?



So many animals, not just big ones, but tiny ones, insects, fish, are going extinct.

Why? Because of hunting, pesticides, over fishing, plastic, fires, people encroaching on the places animals live.

Why? There are too many of us, but we could all try and live more thoughtfully. People need space, and food. But there must be ways of dealing with our needs that doesn’t cause harm. We are too busy consuming to realise we can’t always have everything we want. If we could live in a more sustainable way? I remember in the 1970’s there was a comedy programme called ‘the good life’ where a couple tried to leave the rat race and live a better life by growing their own food, making their own clothes, but it didn’t always work.

It’s too simplistic to expect that to work worldwide, but I think we should try.


Ear worm


Dah, da, Dah Dah, da da da Dah, da da

Argh! Being part of a choir is wonderful. Until you learn a really catchy tune. Dah da da Dah… Then it sticks in your head.. Da dda… And won’t go away! Especially when it’s quiet.. Dee Dee Dah…. Apparently older women tend to get auditory hallucinations based on old hymns. Glad I don’t have that problem. But… Dah da… But… I do have an ear worm… Wiggling about in my head …. Dah de da de Dah….

Helium balloon…

DSC_2333_optimized (5)

What to do?

If we let you free..

You will drift up..

And up….

Taking your helium high!

High pitched gas.

Into the sky….

Your plastic body

Metallic coloured bag

of odourless atoms..

A death trap for fish

Or other animals

If we release you.

So thanks friend,

We will wait

For your gift to deflate.


Then dispose of it.


Sitting listening…


It’s quite cool today, so after going out for lunch, then coming back and doing a bit of gardening I’ve come into the relative warm (about 18.5°C) and I’m sitting listening to the Radio.

I’ve decided to try and keep the heating off as much as I can. It’s getting expensive and it’s not that cold yet.

It’s grey and showery outside. We had to cut the hedge back because our neighbours need access on the path round to their back yard and it runs past our garden. The trouble is one set of shears handle is coming loose and is held on with gaffer tape! When you cut branches with them they bend inwards so you can’t always get a good purchase on the twigs.

So anyway, the hat in the drawing was given to me by a friend when it was raining last week. I meant to take it back but forgot. Just dumped it on the pile of books by the front door.