Cat wish

I wish I was a cat. Curled up curves, elegant in sleep. Cashew nut shape, spiral, sweet.

I wish I was a cat, that’s just been fed, delicate meals or lion roaring red.

I wish I were a cat, washing paws and face, the most incredible positions, but all done with grace.

I wish I were a cat, out in the wild, climbing trees in gardens. But home again to play.

I wish I were a cat, companion and good friend. Asleep on your lap. Pinned you down, so he can nap!


I was looking for this drawing because there was a prompt on one of the Art groups I’m on that asked people to post #thisisme. I looked and looked for this and could not find it, and yet its on my WordPress media gallery! It was originally drawn for a college project ‘I’. As you can see it includes a self portrait, a canvas and pencil and brush, some poppies, an x-ray, books, an old pottery, a cat and finally the willow pattern on a plate. Each thing means something to me. It was drawn in 2020 so I have changed slightly since then. No bits have dropped off but I’m not as well as I was. Life eh? Gets to us all….

Magnetic bags?

What is it about cats and bags? I caught the cat trying to get his head in a small paper bag yesterday, it hadn’t had food in it but he was intrigued anyway. They like the cloth bags from the local supermarket, but even get in the orange plastic carrier bags if I leave them on the sofa while I’m unloading the groceries. Sometimes though if I use the bag again they go off it (it must smell different).

What other things do they sleep on or in? Cat beds, a cat tree, cushions and chair throws, basically wherever they want and can fit. Occasionally they even sleep on the sofa or our chairs, but that’s usually after we have gone to bed. Yeah, cats rule round here!

Cat drawing

Cat on a windowsill

Digital drawing using Artrage. I’ve found the tools to change the background so I used the canvas option. You can also chose a background colour. It looks as if I’ve drawn on canvas board but it’s totally digital. A bit rough round the edges but I like the way the cats eyes have turned out. Off to play some more….

Pawprints 🐾

Footrest with paint pawprints. The cat jumped onto my pallette on the way up to sit on this footstool a few years ago. I could have cleaned it off, but it makes me laugh every time I look at it. Luckily it was acrylic paint so it was easily wiped of the cats paws. When I look at the photo now I’m happy I kept it (upstairs covered in sketchbooks now).