Bird in snow..


No, it’s not snowing here, but it’s chilly and windy enough to send a shiver through any birds body. We are feeding them sunflower hearts, mixed wild bird food and mealy worms (which the Robin seems to love). I know the weather won’t improve for a few weeks, but I hope when the spring arrives we get Blue Tits nesting again. I might buy a new nest box for them as the old ones look a bit worn out. The hole they get in through was worn away by their claws as they fly in and hop out. Looking after our local wild bird population is a responsibility.


Todays #bandofsketchers prompt was sweet so I drew this pomegranate before hubby ate it. I only had about twenty minutes to half an hour as I was going out for a walk straight afterwards. Trying to represent the seeds was hard. I had thought of cutting it into quarters but halved was easier and I managed to get a nice curved feel to the outside of it. And it was sweet.

Black fineliner and permanent markers.


My hubby keeps collecting seeds and nuts at the moment. His plan is to put them in pots and try and grow them, then pass them on to friends? But what if no-one wants them? I do not need any more trees in our garden. We have two oak saplings already, a twenty five year old walnut tree which is sixty foot high, a willow tree, a pear, two or three apples, a sycamore, a mountain Ash, an Ash tree. Also a eucalyptus, three leylandii, plus others and lots of bushes. But no, he’s not satisfied. The garden is where two houses used to stand, there isn’t enough space for more plants.

For the birds


The blackbirds sing,

The thrushes too

The robins nest,

Their fledglings new.

A magpie there

And pigeons too?

They congregate

And feed on seed.

Blue tits

and house sparrows,

All had their nests.

Feeding them all

Is our happy chore.

Yes eat your fill,

Of cherries ripe.

We’ve had ours now

The rest, enjoy.


Baby birds

The blue tit babies have fledged and were on the bird feeders today. My hubby saw eight of them in a row on the fence this morning. Unlike previous days it’s been quite cold, but at least there has been rainwater about for them to drink and we provide fat balls and seed and mealworms for all the birds in the garden. There are blackbirds and robins, green finches and house sparrows in the garden, plus wood pigeons as well as the blue tits and also coal tits. We also see wrens. In fact I think we have done really well for bird life this year. I just hope the cats keep away from the birds.


Free seeds

_20190904_163250 packets of seeds….. Free!

What a lovely surprise, a gardening magazine we sometimes get had seven free packets of seeds with it today. Most of them are worth about £3 each so that means about £20 worth of free flowers.

The other good thing is they can be planted now in late summer or early autumn to establish plants for next years display. All I have to do is dig out a load of nettles so I can plant these out!

The garden is very overgrown so I’m getting someone in to help cut it back a bit. I love it but it’s hard work having big trees and shrubs. A warning, you need to keep on top of stuff to keep it looking good. Anyway I’m hoping by tomorrow I will be feeling a bit better and can do something.

Afternoon sunshine

We came out of the cafe and the clouds had lifted in penkhull. The sun was shining and the breeze had dropped.

I saw a small plant with almost ivy shaped leaves and little white flowers with yellow centres. It reminded me of the woody nightshade we have growing in our garden.

I would have loved to take some seeds home but didn’t see any on the plant

I’m trying to grow as many interesting local plants in the garden to attract the bees. These were good because they are flowering right at the end of the summer.

I quite like asters and other autumn plants such as dahlias.

We did get some fluffy red valerian seeds. They make a bright display of colour in August onwards. They seem to grow out of cracks in the pavement. Much nicer looking than some other weeds or garden escapees.