My hubby keeps collecting seeds and nuts at the moment. His plan is to put them in pots and try and grow them, then pass them on to friends? But what if no-one wants them? I do not need any more trees in our garden. We have two oak saplings already, a twenty five year old walnut tree which is sixty foot high, a willow tree, a pear, two or three apples, a sycamore, a mountain Ash, an Ash tree. Also a eucalyptus, three leylandii, plus others and lots of bushes. But no, he’s not satisfied. The garden is where two houses used to stand, there isn’t enough space for more plants.

4 thoughts on “Acorns

  1. Your garden sounds like a dream already! Convince him to just make use of all the free acorns, conkers, seasonal berries and whatever will be in abundance shortly – that’s what I do.

    I personally love jewellery with acorn pendants and natural wood from old oaks and felled trees that were diseased but replaced / are sustainable and responsibly sourced etc. I also love collecting acorns and leaves, snip off bits of ferns, then put inside glass jars and bury small LED lights inside to make pretty festive gifts. If you strengthen the acorns with a thin layer of nail varnish you can thread and use as really pretty Christmas tree decorations too.

    Between his love for collecting and wanting to make use of things like acorns and your artistic flair you’ll have plenty of excuses for wrapping up and having a nice winter walk then deciding how to decorate and gift them to other people.

    You could put him off by explaining the lack of space will mean nothing will grow properly if planted now anyway they need plenty of room, wildlife to help scatter and naturally help them along and all you’ll get will be lots of very small, very poor trees and plants that just don’t do well.

    A short walk from your front door will uncover more than enough to keep him (and you!) busy for months on end.

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