Another cake?

I really want to make another apple cake but I keep getting distracted. I have paintings to take to a gallery who are going to try to sell them on line for me. I have to get my cats flea treatments from the vets. I have online lectures to attend. I don’t know how much longer the apples will last. Yesterday I used a large one to make apple sauce. I added cider instead of water and cooked the fruit slowly over a low heat v gradually mashing down the apples. Delicious with cream.




This year we have a good crop of pears on the tree again, the tree almost fell over last year because of the weight of the crop. It now has a post unfer the trunk to support it. The pear cro is already ripening with the skin turning slightly yellow.

Our pears are usually quite big, we collect them in September generally, but they might be ready earlier than that.

With pears they are generally unripe, unripe, unripe, unripe, ripe, mushy. They go from being hard to soft virtually overnight. I’m thinking of poaching some of them. Should be nice. 


More fresh cherries off the tree


Hubby went up the step ladder this afternoon and got some more delicious ripe cherries off the lower branches of the tree. The really bright red and dark red ones are too high up. A lot of the ones he got had peck marks in them and splits where they had started to burst their skins. I put about twenty or so on the bird table and then more bad ones in the bin when we came in. But it’s still a good haul. I’m thinking of doing another trifle…. Yum.

Now they are safe and washed and in the fridge, but they won’t last long…