Stop the War

Photos, film and video of the War in Ukraine show huge plumes of black smoke rising over burning and ruined buildings, theatres and peoples homes. Meanwhile Putin continues to lie to the Russian people that no civilians are being targeted. He is using the same tactics he facilitated in Syria with President Assad. He is trying to encircle Kyiv and raise cities like Mariupol to the ground. He is evil and brutal. His propaganda to his country is that it is a ‘ special project’ not all out bloody murder.

Make Art

Maybe Putin needs Art therapy. To try and calm his mind. He needs to concentrate on stopping the war, stopping killing and maiming people. Stop destroying people’s homes, their cities, their hospitals, their schools. Apartment buildings, theatres, vicious bombing and shelling. Ukraine needs peace. Children and babies are dying. Civilians are dying. Evil times.

Medical help

Ukraine πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ needs help, they need medical support because of all the death and destruction that Russia is causing in the country. One charity in Shropshire, England is sending ambulances over to them. They are slightly outdated and have been replaced by new ones but are perfectly suitable. The Disasters Emergency committee is collecting for Ukraine. This is group of charities supporting the people who need help. I hope Putin sees sense and stops this stupid war. Two million people have left as refugees now. God knows what will happen next.


We saw an airbase within 15 miles of the Polish border hit by cruise missiles today. Eighty one people were killed. Putin Russian madness continues.

Today’s #bandofsketchers prompt was connection so I drew our connection with family. I’ve created an imagined bracelet. The family at the bottom is connected too. Like a paper chain. I’ve used Ukraine flag colours. It’s meant to show a connection of countries supporting them.

Poppy with blue and yellow shoe

Today Russia bombed towns and cities in Ukraine again. Even Russian speaking cities that were supposed to be safe. The Russians even bombed a shoe factory. My drawing is a poppy for remembering the dead and a shoe in Ukrainian colours. A single shoe, lost by its owner. What stupidity. How long will this violence, which is denied by the Russians, be allowed to go on. Give Peace a chance. Stop the war.

Bottle oven abstract

I’m writing this because I’m trying to avoid watching the news about Ukraine again. People are dying. Food and water is running short for Ukrainian people. Russians attacking them are not ‘saving’ them. I just want to cry. I will say it, I think Vladimir Putin is evil, or stupid. Or both. Prosecuting a war because he feels bothered by Ukraine wanting to join Nato, when they didn’t have an application in? Why murder people. Why be so appallingly evil. Stop the WAR. I’m just a little person in the UK, I’m unimportant, but I’m disgusted by what is happening.

Maternity Hospital bombed.

Why πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί Russia?


Women and children were injured in a Maternity hospital in Mariapol. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ Ukraine does not deserve that. Estimates that 16 or more hospitals have been attacked in the country. I want to swear. People are being promised humanitarian corridors to safety, but some of them have been shelled too. It is slaughter, it is murder. Russians? Are you being attacked? No! Leave your neighbours alone. More than 2 million refugees have fled from their country. I’m disgusted.

This is evil. This is inhumane. Initial reports said women and children died was changed to injured. Even so hospitals should not be bombed!

Hello πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί Russia


Maybe this could be shared?

Hello Russia, I know a very few people read my blogs over there and I want to say something about what is happening in Ukraine.

People, Children, women and men are dying there. Cities are being attacked. Innocent civilians are being shelled. We have seen video of apartments and schools and hospitals being bombed and attacked. Children suffering cancer no longer get the treatment they need. Why are you doing this? Don’t you care?

This is not a special operation. This is WAR.

These are war crimes. This is murder. There are ordinary people being killed. Your soldiers are not fighting a just war, please try and ask yourselves whether your cities are being bombed?

Putin says the leader of Ukraine is a neo nazi. He is actually a man of Jewish descent, he was an actor, he is just fighting for his country.

This WAR could escalate. Why? We were at peace, there was no hate. Two weeks ago Putin massed 190,000 troops on Ukraines borders, now they are on Ukrainian soil. Killing, destroying homes, making people homeless. We need PEACE NOT WAR.

Sending love and respect to Russians. Please listen and think.

Update, Russian army shelled the largest nuclear power station in Europe (six times bigger than Chernobyl) and started a fire. Fire is out but it could release massive nuclear fallout. Is Putin mad?

Cat presents…

Cat presents, not so much presents as lovingly presented remains of mice. Ooooh no! I get up in the morning, and there on the doorstep, something not very nice. Is there a deterrent? I feed my cats well, I give them toys, and yet they try and show love in the only way they can…. Yuk! I’m glad it only happens occasionally.

Gate house

View of the gatehouse of the cemetery with masses of Clematis Montana? growing up and around trees in the grounds. Splendid gates and brick pillars add to the impression of a proud building. I enjoyed walking through the cemetery tonight, in a gentle rain. The somber clouds echoing the place.

I like the subtle colours in this photo, mostly muted except for the lime greens of some of the newly grown leaves, sulphurous and alive, balancing out the pinks, greys and browns. It had just stopped raining (we had been sheltering under a tree when I took this photo). I dont know what I think of buildings in cemeteries, could anyone acyually live there or is it offices? and who locks up the gates at night- is there an official gate keeper?