Cool drink

I am fed up of decaff coffee, I want a cold drink. Maybe some ginger beer or diet tonic water. I have ice so I can cool it down. But its still winter so I might have a blackcurrant or orange cordial with hot water. Or orange juice with water to dilute it. That’s very soothing, and I choose the ones with low sugar. I might even share a bottle of beer with my hubby. I don’t know, but something less boring than decaff? Maybe a cup of tea.

Abstracted reflection

Trees and roots and cars reflected in a photo, then filtered digitally in various ways. I have buzzing ears today so I don’t want to spend a long time describing what I’ve done to the photo. I could say my whistling ears have been partly responsible for this, undulating noise, like a tide whispering in and out, and the picture seems to be covered in dirty ice that lumps up over the surface? Anyway, it’s just an experiment for today. A bit of synesthesia perhaps?


Light pollution is destroying our view of the night sky. In cities and towns only a few stars are visible at night, but if you get out away from them the sky can be full of thousands of faint stars including our Galaxy, the Milky Way. Our Galaxy is one of Billions or Trillions in the known Universe. It might look a bit like this if we were outside it, but as we are about a third of the way into a spiral arm of the Milky Way, it’s impossible to see that. Plus we are surrounded by dust lanes that obscure the view. Our galaxy has a supermassive black hole at its centre, and is made up not only of normal matter but dark matter and dark energy as well according to Astronomers and Astrophysical scientists.

The image is a digital drawing I did several years ago. You can only see something like this through a telescope though.

Close encounters

I’m just watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I love this film and remember being in a massive queue around the block when I was waiting to see it at the cinema. That was when it first came out in the 1970s?

It’s a Steven Spielberg film staring Richard Dreyfuss as Roy Neary a man who sees unidentified flying objects and is compelled to find the cause of it. He keeps building objects in an attempt to understand where he needs to go. I won’t go into more detail in case you have never seen it.

I love it because it has a real feel good factor to it, it’s mysterious and intruiging and leads you through the story with a really satisfying end to it.

I have seen it a few times over the last few decades, but I never get bored with it. The special effects were ground breaking at the time. I hope if you enjoy it if you get to see it.

White rabbit

I couldn’t resist, I’ve never had my photo taken as a white rabbit before. My hubby had his taken as the mad hatter. This was at the New Vic theatre yesterday. The only problem was that I had to really crouch down as the cut out faces were really placed to be the right height for children. I was impressed by the quality of the painting. Whoever painted the Alice in Wonderland characters has a real talent, full of energy and funny.

Sold a painting

I sold this today, only for a few pounds, but it was my first for 2023. I’m not making a great deal of money out of my art, but I know that this will be going to a good home. I didn’t get a photo of it fully completed because my phone camera is playing up but it’s a pretty good representation of the final piece. I didn’t really think about it but it also made me feel calm when I looked at it.