This is the idea for the poppy painting roughed out. I’m really keen on having a dark emerald green background and to try and make it look like tiles or a wall plaque. The background needs to look like a shiny encaustic surface.

I don’t have much time left to finish these paintings. It’s going to be a dash to get them done.


Sleight of hand

Today I went to our local hall because we were doing auditions for this years mystery plays.
I got chatting to someone holding a pack of cards. He said he was waiting for someone and had bought the cards with him to fill in some time.

He is a Magician, stage name Jack Wild and he was brilliant. He showed us a couple of tricks. I don’t understand how he did them. They were slick, they were right in front of my eyes and they were mind boggling. It was only a deck of cards and finding the card I chose but it was impressive.

Yes I know that it’s just a skill, but it’s a brilliant skill. If I ever want a magician I would book him.

Favourite flower


An acrylic on canvas from 2013. This was one of my favourite paintings and I used it as my profile picture for a few years. I’m no longer sure it’s as good as I thought. I would change the background to a darker grey green now to make the red Zing even more.

I think I will base another painting on it though. I’m  thinking of doing a long thin painting that could be hung horizontally or vertically. The design would have to work in both directions and perhaps even upside down. 

Forty years later


It’s forty years since I started my Fine Art degree. I’ve changed a lot in that time but I still paint and enjoy art. I’m trying to make a living at art which isn’t easy, but at least I’m trying.

The world has changed too. 40 years ago we had a female prime minister?! But we didn’t have food banks, we hadn’t had the collapse of the banks we hadn’t had partial privatisation of our health service. But it all started then. Politics is mad. People vote for making things worse for themselves. I think I shall keep calm and carry on painting.



I wonder why doves are the symbol of peace? They are beautiful, they are white which might signify purity. The dove was released by Noah on his Ark and came back with vegetation in the Bible story. But that’s is not about Peace. I know Picasso painted the dove of peace many times and it appears on Christian art. But where does it come from. Does it appear in other religions?

For instance why is the symbol of peace not a pigeon?


Well you never know?


Random thoughts


My mind is confused. I was just talking to one of the builders we have doing some work. Then I realised I’d spoken to him half an hour before, but thought he was a completely different person. I even saw him as a young man, about 20 years younger! I don’t understand why but I think I’m running  a temperature.

I went out for the first time in about 3 days today. I’ve had to rely on my husband for shopping. Yesterday he came home with enough salad for five days and two fish fingers. Every day he’s bought a loaf of bread. Today he bought two brown loaves. Mind you that’s mainly because I haven’t been well enough to cook so he’s been living off bread and cheese and toast.

The photo is some jumbled stuff across the room duplicated. I haven’t got the energy to do housework. Plus I don’t feel like explaining what needs doing to my hubby, it will just have to wait.

Meanwhile the builders have laid the concrete base for the summerhouse. The sky has clouded over and is threatening rain. I’m off for a decaff coffee and paracetamol.





I started a new painting last night. It began as a spiral, but then I found a photo of a great grey owl so it’s morphed. I’m quite happy with it as it is as a sketch, but I will finish it. I’ve got a few half finished paintings but I haven’t had the energy to do them over the last few days. Anyway the background is going to be of acer leaves, the ones that look like fingers, because I want to give it a feel of autumn.

Might do a bit more today. I usually do a lot of things on a Thursday but I’m not up to it._20190516_205231

Done some more x