And the winner is…

Last year my hubby and I were extras in a film called Humanus. Since its release we haven’t heard much about it but we knew it was going to be entered into a film festival.

Now I’ve just seen this on Facebook. It’s a shame about the font Flicks film festival uses! But the film won in five categories in the August monthly awards. Best Acting Ensemble, Comedy, Romance, Horror and Musical. Wow I’m amazed. Well done to everyone involved.

Trying to design an enamel brooch

Work in progress. Digital drawings of a ‘spotted draon’. I’m thinking of doing something like this for a course project. I thought I’d try and do some working out. It I wanted to make it I would have to learn enamelling techniques and get a kiln to fire it in. But then I would have to cost it and see if its feasible. Or maybe I can design it and then get someone to make it for me? I don’t know. I have a friend who does fused glass, maybe she could help. Life is interesting….

Window, band of sketchers prompt.

View through the window, from our living room. Our TV is at the bottom of the page. We have a pottery (Portmeirion) opposite where we live. They do have some ground that they garden, but they used to have roses scrambling all up the building. Sadly some of these have recently been cut back so the view is a bit less colourful now. Higher up the hill they are still there, still in flower. This is in a small sketchbook and is drawn with felt pens, some permanent markers a few coloured pencils and a thin black ink pen. The image on the TV is grey because we were watching a black and white film.

Six years ago…

Bright flowers, photo taken six years ago. I think it’s a rhododendron, glowing like an orange sun. Talk about flower power. I’m not going to try and duplicate or mirror this photo because it’s really stand alone.

This would have been taken at the Dorothy Clive Garden on the Shropshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire border. It has a quarry garden at the top of its slope which is full of beautiful rhododendrons in late spring and early summer. Do visit if you can. Visiting has been limited due to the virus but I do know they are open and you can find out more from their website.

My hero

Batman mural I painted.

No not Batman, my hubby. We were walking home this evening, when we saw a young couple over the other side of the road start to argue. The man was taller than the young woman and had started swearing at her. She was arguing back but getting the worst end of things, suddenly he picked her up over his shoulder and started to run with her. Like a rugby tackle. There were people walking past next to the couple but they were doing nothing, just walking past and away. Suddenly next to me my hubby started shouting. Oi, put her down! Leave her alone! What do you think you are doing?!, the man put the girl down. They were still fighting though. So he carried on shouting, leave her alone! I’m calling the police if you don’t leave her alone! We were still over the road, I got my phone out to ring them up, but the couple ran off into the darkness. I hope the woman will be OK. She ran off with the man, perhaps they had been drinking or taking drugs? At least my hubby intervened. He stopped them hurting each other.

More lockdowns coming?

Life could be getting complicated again. The pesky virus is increasing. People keep getting together and meeting up in their homes. The result is that the R rate (reproduction rate) has gone from below 1 to between 1.1 and 1.5. New cases are climbing and the number of people admitted to hospital are increasing. Testing is not working, people are being sent miles away from home, or when the patient gets to a testing Station they are sometimes getting sent away! This is getting worrying. Again.

When 4ft =4ft 9″?

My wooden slats to replace the old ones on our garden bench we’re ready for collection today. I went up and collected them but a nagging doubt tickled the back of my brain. So by the time I’d got them (5 of them) to the car I thought these are too long? I stood them up on end, I thought they were about six inches shorter than me, which would make them about 4ft 9″, not the 4ft I had ordered! I went back in the office. Just ask someone to cut them down to size was the response. I walked down to the warehouse and was called inside a huge, cavernous building, with bits of wood stacked and strewn everywhere. I spoke to a young lad who said they had probably left the timber a bit long incase I’d measured it wrong (I didn’t say his boss had measured it). Fine, just cut it to a bit over 4ft. We agreed to this. Then an older man who was supervising the young lad came over. I explained what had happened. He helped set up the machine and I asked for the timber to be 4ft.

I finally left with my bits of wood plus some short, 9″ lengths left over my hubby can use on his model railway.

I got home and tried the slats out against the bench. They are about 6″ too long! So the boss didn’t measure it right in the first place! Argh!


Used layout app to create this image of pink busy lizzies and a metal plant support. I just have fun playing with images. The pink and green are nicely contrasting colours, the smooth surface of the plant support adds more interest. The symmetry of the mirrored leaves and stems complete impossible and intricate patterns. They are natural and unnatural in equal amounts.