No decorations


I have an artificial tree, but haven’t decided whether to put it up or not. The reason why is my cats. They like climbing and exploring, so it has to go somewhere they won’t be able to pull it over. Our living room is cluttered because of me being ill, there are things to take upstairs but I’ve been too ill. Today I did a proper shop for the first time in over a week. I don’t have the energy to start tidying up let alone putting Christmas decorations up. Maybe next week.

Christmas lights switch on.

Christmas lights switch on up at St Thomas’s Church, penkhull.

There was a fair crowd as we,  the panto  cast, and junior cast members stepped outside to sing in the choir. The wind was blowing coldly up over the hill. The Lord mayor lit the lights and the tree and we sang many traditional carols including Silent Night and Hark the Herald Angels sing, which are both favourites of mine.

Penkhull village brass band were playing up a storm, and Father Christmas mingled with the crowds.

One thought as we sat there was how cold it was. An hour sitting on a plastic chair, starting to shiver and shake. Makes you wonder how homeless people cope. How do they survive. In this season if goodwill to all men, let’s have some real goodwill to all men and women!

PS sorry about the photos,  it was difficult to take photos. Had to concentrate on singing….


Minced pies

Short crust pastry pies, filled with minced fruit with rains, currants, possibly orange or lemon peel, a bit of fat (originally suet, but now a bit of vegetable sauce).  The fruit mixture can be soaked or souced in brandy or rum.

My favourites were the ones mum used to make. The pastry was rich and buttery, but it crumbled as you bit into it. Not to much filling, so there was a good balance to the flavour. Not to sweet. Then served cold with a cup of tea, or when we got a bit older, warmed through in the oven and served with a little glass of sherry.

In our house we would leave a sherry and a mince pie out for Santa, and carrots for the reindeer.

Now there are a plethora of boxes of six mince pies in the supermarket, with a choice of rich butter pastry, or with added alcohol, normal, or with pastry lattice tops. Jars of various types of mincemeat (the original pies apparently had some meat in them, now it’s a fruit mix) are for sale so you can back your own batches of them. We used to give them to Carol singers. Which was OK because we only used to get a few who called. Nice memories. I might make a big pie for my hubby.

Tiny canvas fun

I’m doing a few more tiny canvases for my stall, I’m miles behind with being ill. I’d bought twenty and so far I’m part way through three.

I’ve started another couple of pictures of Christmas baubles. But the third is going to be a Bee. I think we have to really think about stopping using insecticides or we will be in very great trouble.

Ive also outlined a dove of peace and an angel. Better have a rest then do some more.


Craft fair news


Finished tree decorations…. I think they are OK. I’ve tried to make them festive. I’ve attached ribbons so they can hang off a tree. Well I will be trying to sell them at the craft fair I’m doing in the morning…. More to do.. I’m trying to do a painting of Frost. I’ve used lots of metallic paint, I think it’s in need of more detail though. _20191108_220603

Reindeer gets ready to fly….

Norman my white nosed reindeer…. _20191031_181112

Norman is hoping to be a stand in Reindeer at Christmas. He’s wants to be an understudy for Santa’s team.

He says that he’s waited five hundred years for the chance and his nose has turned white with age. He’s wearing his favourite stripey woolley jumper and has borrowed a set of Santa’s braces to keep his trousers up. He feels the cold at the North Pole because of his age.

Norman almost went out in 1960 when Dasher had a pulled hamstring from dashing and crashing about, but he missed out when a reindeer called Snowy took Dashers’ place.

Norman says his sense of direction can let him down. He once flew to the South Pole by mistake but did make friends with the King Penguins down there. He now takes a blow up globe and a compass with him so that he can find his way around the world.

Norman has a month to prove himself so he can go on this year’s Christmas run.