Drawing a kiss



Noses get in the way

Mouths don’t fit together

Where do they look?

Do they close their eyes?

This turned out closer to a little peck on the cheek than a full blown kiss. Maybe it’s a first kiss. They are looking at each other quizzically. Is this OK? What is their back story? They are not children or teens. They are about the same age, young adults. Life is ahead of them, do they have a future together.? Can they trust each other. It might have been easier to draw real people, but I don’t think two models would stand around for an hour while I drew them. The same goes for photographs, I don’t know anyone who would want to let me do that.

Trying to imagine how to draw this was interesting, it’s not something I normally do. I used a drawing app and a stylus to do this and a pencil setting on 3 and 5 pixel widths in black, grey and white.

It’s a doodle, a sketch, a bit of fun.




One of the things about being a painter is being asked to do copies of your work. This was the case with these paintings. The original was painted by looking at the photo on my mobile phone. The second was copied from the first.

Question, can you tell which is the original? When I asked my husband he recognised the first one straight away ( although he had seen both of them being painted so that was not difficult).

It’s actually quite hard to copy a painting, especially as I do it free hand without drawing it out first. I think I didn’t make a bad job of it and I hope its new owner will like it.

Why this painting? Because I like both the colours and the challenge of painting her hat/snood? Trying to get the colours and details right. I hope you like it too….