Drawing a kiss



Noses get in the way

Mouths don’t fit together

Where do they look?

Do they close their eyes?

This turned out closer to a little peck on the cheek than a full blown kiss. Maybe it’s a first kiss. They are looking at each other quizzically. Is this OK? What is their back story? They are not children or teens. They are about the same age, young adults. Life is ahead of them, do they have a future together.? Can they trust each other. It might have been easier to draw real people, but I don’t think two models would stand around for an hour while I drew them. The same goes for photographs, I don’t know anyone who would want to let me do that.

Trying to imagine how to draw this was interesting, it’s not something I normally do. I used a drawing app and a stylus to do this and a pencil setting on 3 and 5 pixel widths in black, grey and white.

It’s a doodle, a sketch, a bit of fun.


Black cat appreciation day


Some people don’t like black cats,  but I do. I had two of them over the last few years. A female who was very sweet and tiny, and a big male who would sit and guard the cat flap at night.

My only worry with black cats is that they are difficult to see at night so I always put reflective collars on them. That goes for black and white cats to as they tend to have black bodies and the white parts are underneath or on their legs.

Black cats are supposed to be lucky in the UK where in other parts of the world they are meant to be unlucky. They have a history of being thought to be witches familiars, but I think if a lonely old lady wants a cat to keep her company she should not be persecuted for it. If a black cat walks in front of me I try to stroke it!

Cats were worshipped in Egypt and thought to be related to gods.  I think the Egyptian cat God was Bast? however I may be wrong? Cats have lived with humans for thousands of years and caught mice and rats which eat grain, so they were well liked on farms.

Ideas for Black cat names? Sooty, Blackie, Beauty, Smudge, Molly, Lady, Archie, Night, Moonbeam…….

I hide myself away…


Here, behind this computer screen, I hide myself away,  within the social media that connects us day to day. ..

I am in contact with the world which all around me spins, and yet I am so far away, real life no longer wins.

My mind I linked to apps and sites, I have to get my fix,           of whiz bang colours, cats and dogs and all those selfie pics.

My eyes see you on glass and chrome, my fingers tap the keys, you see me on your 4G phone. There is no known release.

I’m trapped within this modern fun, and never see the sun,  nor move where air is fresh and free, my life’s a lonely one.

The problem with web based drawing sites!

Join an art based website at your peril!

I joined a site  and happily drew there for years. The site tools were simple to draw with, a colour picker, variable sized pens and opacity,  lovely,  no layers to mess with. I and many others enjoyed the site which saw a steady rise in use…

The problem as it got too popular. What was meant to be an art site got a lot of attention from bloggers who would write stories under the drawings. The moderators found it difficult to control, and the owners, who had started up another site, were giving less and less attention to it.

I enjoyed drawing challenges there, some of which are shown above. Honing my digital drawing skills. I was happy with what I was doing and made many friends. Sadly though, the site was eventually closed. The owners tried to transfer people across to the new site, but it had too many tools,  there were lots of things to do, but the site did not have the same feel as the old place. It seemed aimed at a younger audience. Eventually it too closed, to reappear as a different site where you could search for your old drawings but they were hard to find, and you coukd not add new work.

Luckily I had downloaded some of them before this happened. As with other sites, be careful to back up your drawings or they may be lost.


It’s time to show you some of my recent digital drawings posted to my instagram account…


While I usually draw and paint in traditional materials like paint on canvas, or ink and pencil on paper, I regularly draw on various apps aswell.

This started when I found a web site called Youdraw around 10 years ago. At that stage I did not have a drawing tablet so I went out and bought a small one with the pen attached by a wire. I was really pleased with what I could do, and I eventually progressed to a bigger tablet but still with a pen that was attached by a wire. I used it so much and did so many drawings I wore the knib of the pen down!

Then I was offered a second hand wacom tablet, it was a revelation. I had got a photoshop programme and I was learning about layering and cropping, basically all the little things that help you morph pictures. In the meantime I had found various drawing web sites, like 2draw and wetcanvas and floating ginko. I was using their apps, which were quite complicated, but the results were fun. I frequently got told off on one site for drawing too fast. I was not allowed to be an expert on it because I didnt take enough time!

It was then that I came across a site called sketchfu. (Now closed) this had the simplicity I was looking for, large, medium and small pens, an ability to change the opacity and a colour picker, but the way it worked meant that you could create really interesting drawings without all the finicky bits.

This site and its sister Muzy were closed by its owners a few years ago. I think they were getting too much traffic and not enough revenue.

I decided to do more drawing, I got a bamboo tablet, and for a short while posted on line on instagram and Facebook. But then I got another tablet, a computer…I downloaded a few apps like sketcher free, ArtRage oils, kaleidoscope, and others, all free. The only problem then is having to draw by finger. It’s not as smooth and clean as a tablet pen. I have used stylus pens, I think I will do that again.

Currently I have lots of art on instagram, and some if the digital art has the hashtag #digitallydoodling if you want to find it.