The problem with web based drawing sites!

Join an art based website at your peril!

I joined a site  and happily drew there for years. The site tools were simple to draw with, a colour picker, variable sized pens and opacity,  lovely,  no layers to mess with. I and many others enjoyed the site which saw a steady rise in use…

The problem as it got too popular. What was meant to be an art site got a lot of attention from bloggers who would write stories under the drawings. The moderators found it difficult to control, and the owners, who had started up another site, were giving less and less attention to it.

I enjoyed drawing challenges there, some of which are shown above. Honing my digital drawing skills. I was happy with what I was doing and made many friends. Sadly though, the site was eventually closed. The owners tried to transfer people across to the new site, but it had too many tools,  there were lots of things to do, but the site did not have the same feel as the old place. It seemed aimed at a younger audience. Eventually it too closed, to reappear as a different site where you could search for your old drawings but they were hard to find, and you coukd not add new work.

Luckily I had downloaded some of them before this happened. As with other sites, be careful to back up your drawings or they may be lost.

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