Memory from May

She still plays, she’s got a little fatter, I think it’s lockdown ‘spread’, I probably give the cats too many treats. When you are in a lot of the time and they ask for food, it’s easy to be lax about portion sizes. Plus the house is warm and so are the cats so they are not expending much energy. Still all three get on and seem happy. X

Cat on the bath

She always greets me in the bathroom. Follows me in there. She drinks out of a glass on the edge of the bath. She prefers that to a bowl on the floor. I don’t know why she has this foible, but it’s her choice.

She also likes playing with dripping water, I’ve left the tap on a trickle and she will put her paw into the drips then lick it. It’s fun to see her playing around with it. She is a beautiful tuxedo cat, very shiny fur, neat and tidy and sweet. She also plays football with a little stripey ball, dribbling it between her paws. Such a playful cat.

Cats, they take over…

You have to be owned by a cat. You don’t own it. My cats know what they want and when they want it. The boy stares sweetly at me when he wants a titbit from my plate. His sister miaows at me when she wants food or petting. Both are very relaxed around us most of the time, but even though they are fully grown, they still have mad half hours when they meet up, sniff noses and then start chasing each other.

My female cat must be a reincarnated football player, she has several small toys made out of ping-pong balls that she bat’s backwards and forwards between her front paws along the length of the living room and kitchen… I’ve trodden on them in the dark.. Ouch!

The boy likes sleeping on my lap or chest. He gets on my lap and effectively pins me down. Eventually I have to pick him up and put him on the floor. He doesn’t like that.

Cats are great pets, self sufficient but loving.

Our outside cat comes in occasionally now. He is tolerated by the other two. I think he’s getting more used to them… Fingers crossed he will be in by winter.


Looking out

She often looks out watching the cars and vans racing up the hill. Looking at birds flying up to the factory roof, playing with the mobile on the window. Jumping down and clawing my legs under the desk when I go to type things up. This is her territory. She’s upstairs and her brother is downstairs. Both in their individual realms. They sometimes meet to play and chase. She’s a happy cat, she is mistress of all she surveys.

Cat shenanigans

Our boy cat

Hes just discovered the cat flap is working, so he went out into the dark night. The thing is that now both of my cats are inoculated they can go out. But there is the abandoned cat outside and he’s twice my boy cats size and even bigger than the girl cat.

So boy went out through the flap, but couldn’t get back in because the abandoned one was hanging round for food. Solution. Put a tray of cat food further up the yard to distract the abandoned one, then call boy cat in. Finally lock the cat flap for the night…. Result he can’t get out! Will open it again in the morning.

Cat integration isn’t going well.

Digital drawing of a cat.

Hubby decided it would be a good idea to bring the outside cat in, so he bought it into the living room. But it was not happy and struggled out of his grip. Our boy cat followed him as he’s friendly, but the outside cat turned round and hissed and swiped at him. I showed him where the cat flap was. He scarpered. Then as our female cat came to look at what was happening by the backdoor the abandoned cat lashed out again, this time from outside the cat flap. Result three confused and upset cats! So next time we will try a more gentle integration.

The other one


Our boy cat having a stretch in the bathroom. He had been ill but he’s a lot better now. For the moment he sleeps in the bathroom on a towel because it’s a lot cooler in there. Not as much sun getting in. But sometimes I will find him in a patch of sunlight, curled up and warming himself. Cats have characters. He’s chilled. Our female cat is lively and loves chasing things. Sometimes they chase each other. A mad half hour. Then peace descends again.